Where Can You Get Moving Boxes For Free?

Where Can You Get Moving Boxes For Free?

Mar 17, 2023 Moving boxes are among the most important packing materials, and you will need them in different sizes to store your things safely. They must be sturdy and in good condition to move your belongings without damage during handling and transit. Therefore, many people buy brand-new packing boxes. If you hire Sunshine Coast removalists, they will bring packing supplies, and you won’t have to worry about buying them. However, Australia already has a recycling facilities and waste management problem to which you can contribute by always buying new moving boxes. The need of the hour is to reuse and recycle paper and cardboard to prevent them from ending in landfills. One of the best ways to move sustainably is to source moving boxes from different places. This step is great for getting free moving boxes and saving a ton of money, as one moving box can cost $1 to $10, depending on its design. Hence, knowing where to get moving boxes for free is necessary when you plan to move. To get you started, here are some places you can get packing boxes without spending a dime. Have a look.

Ask Your Local Stores for Free Boxes

You can always find hundreds of cardboard boxes of different sizes at your local stores. Create a list of businesses that sell groceries, wines, books, stationery and other items. Go to the stores and inquire about boxes you could use for packing your belongings. Call the store beforehand and see if they can help If you want to save money, time, a trip while moving. Make sure to only get boxes in good shape and condition and do it before you book Sunshine Coast removalists and start packing.

Explore Free Moving Boxes at Freecycle Network

It is a not-for-profit organisation and a platform where people give away and ask for things. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. You can find people offering free moving boxes on the site. If there is no one offering the boxes, you can create a post asking for them. The site only allows things that are appropriate for all ages and in a good state. Hence, you can easily find used packing boxes here.

Visit the Local Recycling Centre For Cardboard Boxes

You’ll be surprised to find a lot of moving boxes at local recycling facilities because these boxes end up here when people or businesses want to dispose of them responsibly. These are used boxes from retailers, Sunshine Coast removalists, people who moved etc. You can inquire about the boxes and pick them up while dropping off things for recycling after you have decluttered your home.

Search for Free Moving Boxes on the Facebook Marketplace

Want to look for free boxes fast around your neighbourhood? Explore the social media site’s marketplace section. Just input the term ‘free moving boxes’ in the search box, and you can get hundreds of results. Choose the nearest and most credible results to inquire about the packing materials and source them once things work out.

Get Packing Boxes from Pharmacies

Medical stores get tons of medicines and other items delivered to their destination in corrugated cardboard boxes. These are the best kind for transporting delicate items safely. Therefore, you must contact your local pharmacies to know if they have boxes to spare. Sourcing boxes from these places is also beneficial when you plan to move long distance and keep belonging in a storage facility. The boxes are sturdy and usually small or medium-sized, making them perfect for boxing your things during a house move.

Source Free Packing Boxes from Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants get a lot of supplies like coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Depending on the content, these items arrive in cardboard boxes, plastic pellets, and other packing boxes. You can contact these places to get moving boxes and select the ones that are in good state and don’t have food stains. If you pick boxes with food stains, they will stink your belongings unless the boxes were used for storing and transporting coffee.

Get Moving boxes from Friends, Neighbours or Family Who Moved

If you know someone who recently moved to a new home, you can always inquire about packing materials they can send you to reuse. This step will help you get quality moving boxes for packing your clothes, books, kitchenware, bathroom essentials, etc. If it’s not too much hassle, ask your relative, friend or neighbour to keep aside boxes in good condition. It will help save the time you must spend sorting the packing materials. You can use the time to look for reliable Sunshine Coast removalists.

Wrapping Up

Getting quality moving boxes is essential to pack and move your belongings safely and securely. You can buy the packing materials, but it can be expensive, especially when you are moving house on a tight budget. Therefore, use this guide to know where you can get boxes for free if you don’t plan to hire professional removalists to pack your things.