What To Do With Your Leftover Moving Boxes?

What To Do With Your Leftover Moving Boxes?

Jul 01, 2022 Imagine you are done with your relocation and are now surrounded by several moving boxes. You must be wondering what to do with these multitudes of boxes. Before you decide to throw them away, there are several different uses you can put these leftover moving boxes to. Experts at removalist services on Sunshine Coast have several different suggestions about what to do with your packing boxes after you move, such as:

1. Keep Them For Future Use

You never know when you might have to move again, so storing these leftover moving boxes is a good idea. You can even keep them for a neighbour or friend who might have to move houses soon. You should break them down and put them in a dry and cool place. It is also essential to keep good moving boxes safe from getting wet, or they will become mouldy and attract pests and termites.

2. Donate These Boxes

If you have a lot of leftover boxes and no space to keep them, you can also do some goodwill and donate them. Many local charities or NGOs will need boxes, and you could check up with your local organisations. You can also donate these boxes to your area’s supermarkets and local grocery stores.

3. Sell Them Online

Removal experts on Sunshine Coast recommend that you make some extra money from these leftover moving boxes by selling them online. You should look up online sites that buy used boxes or go on your local online selling sites and register your moving boxes to earn extra cash. You can even sell them to businesses in need of moving boxes.

4. Insulate Your House

Another good way experts removalists Sunshine Coast recommend using leftover moving boxes is to insulate your house. You can do this in the following ways:
  • Cut the cardboard boxes into smaller pieces and line your walls with them.
  • You can put them in the attic or any room that needs some temperature control.
  • This will help keep the rooms energy-efficient and will prevent any extreme temperatures.

5. Make Picture Frames

Another fun way to use leftover moving boxes is by cutting them into picture frames. You can watch some DIY projects online to have fun at home and create beautiful picture frames for your home from these leftover moving boxes. You can even get creative and make different designs and shapes and decorate them with stickers to give them a distinctive look.

6. Reuse Them For Storage Purposes

If you find that many of your belongings can be stored away, you can use these leftover boxes. Sunshine Coast removal experts recommend using only good moving boxes, so your items don’t get damaged. Check all the moving boxes and then store all the items you need. Then label them and put them away in your attic or storage unit.

7. Wrap Your Gifts In Creative Ways

A great way to reuse leftover moving boxes is to cut them into small pieces and wrap your gifts. The thickness of these boxes will give your gifts a unique look, and you can use some ribbon and stickers to make them look nice and different.

8. Grow Your Plants In Them

If you have always wanted to start gardening, now is the time as you can line your leftover moving boxes with mulch. Just take off the stickers and any tape and put some soil in your boxes. You can cut them into as small boxes as you need and store them in the sunlight so that your plants grow well.

9. Entertain Your Kids And Pets

Once the removalists on Sunshine Coast have unloaded all your boxes in your new home and you have settled in your new home, you can use these boxes to play with your kids and pets.
  • These empty boxes make for a great source of entertainment, and you can build forts and castles or just slide them around to make your kids and pets happy.
  • You can even build a small dog or kitty house for your pets to sleep in.
  • Look online for creative ways to decorate your boxes and make them warm homes for your little puppy or kitten.

10. Recycle Your Boxes

If you feel like your leftover moving boxes are just taking up too much space in your home and you need to get rid of them, you can always give them for recycling. You can either give them to the local recycling bin collection or leave them on your curbside. This is an eco-friendly and efficient way to get rid of your leftover moving boxes without wasting them.


As seen above, you can use leftover moving boxes in a variety of ways, whether it be for DIY projects or entertainment, or you can just keep them for future use when moving homes on Sunshine Coast again.