What Not To Pack When Moving

What Not To Pack When Moving

Sep 16, 2021 Packing is among the most important tasks you need to perform while move as it decides the moving load. Plus, packing is necessary for ensuring your property contents remain intact and damage-free during transit and handling. Therefore, it is crucial you manage the activity properly and only pack things you really need at your new home. You can hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to pack and move your belongings. However, if you want to wrap and box belongings yourself, you should know what things you don’t need to bother packing. There are several items removalists refuse to move, and you shouldn’t transport yourself either because it’s dangerous. Want to know what not to pack when moving? Here is your complete list, have a look.

1. Valuable Items

You should put your jewellery, heirlooms, financial documents, art and other valuable items in a safe deposit vault of the bank before moving. During relocation, the risk of misplacing these things is high, which is why it is best if they are not on site when you or your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast are packing.

2. Perishable Goods

You should never pack fresh vegetables, fruits, cooked dishes, dairy products, poultry and other perishable goods when moving. These things can spoil, decay and become unsuitable for consumption, increase your chances of getting a food-borne disease. What’s more, these items become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and mould, which is why they can produce bad odour in the moving truck and the new house. Therefore, you should buy perishable goods wisely a few weeks before moving to ensure your refrigerator is empty on the moving day.

3. Explosives, Toxic Substances & Flammables

Avoid packing and transporting explosives, flammables and toxic substances at all costs to have a safe journey and prevent serious accidents. Here are the things you should look out for. • Guns and firearms • Gunpowder and ammunition • Cleaners and disinfectants • Explosives • Bleach, solvents, paints, polishes and varnishes • Acetone, methylated spirits and alcohol • Air fresheners, perfumes and deodorants • Fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides and weed killers • Kerosene, lighter fluid and other combustible liquids Inspect your home to find these items and dispose of them responsibly by reading the instruction on the label.

4. Plants

It is difficult for plants to endure prolonged darkness, heat, lack of fresh air and inadequate water supply during the moving. Thus, they wilt and die, which is why you should not pack them. Instead, you should hand them over to the neighbours, family members or relatives you can take care of them. You can get new plants post-move to satiate your need for gardening and nurturing flora.

5. Fuels

If you have petrol, diesel, gasoline, motor oil or any other type of fuel in your garage, make sure you use or get rid of them before moving. Packing and transporting such items is dangerous because they are toxic and flammable. Therefore, even if you have equipment that runs on fuel, empty it before packing and loading on the moving truck.

6. Car Batteries & Propane Tanks

Car battery chemicals can leak due to the jostling of a moving truck, and its chemicals can corrode the vehicle’s metal or increase the risk of a fire hazard. Besides car batteries, don’t pack and load propane gas tanks on any moving vehicle to avoid accidental leakage and explosions.

7. Unnecessary Furniture, Appliances and Other Bulky Items

Before you start packing, inspect your property contents to make a list of furniture, appliances and other bulky items you don’t need at your new home. Donate or resell these items, and you can significantly reduce your packing time and lighten the moving load for your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast. This process is called downsizing, and you can manage it easily by removing duplicates and referring to the floor plan of your new home to know what big or heavy items will fit in and which will not.

Ask The Removalists

If you are confused about what things you should pack, hire reliable and quality removalists in Sunshine Coast. They can give a list of items that are illegal to move and they cannot transport them because it is dangerous. If you choose to avail both packing and moving services of the removalists, you don’t have to worry about things to pack or not. The professionals will create an inventory and ensure everything is boxed and labelled correctly. Thus, you can focus on other moving-related tasks and manage your move without stress or hassle.

The Bottom Line

While planning a move, it is neither feasible nor practical to pack and move all your belongings. It can also not be safe to box and load specific items like explosives, toxic substances, flammables, and other items on the moving truck. You should hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to avail a full-service move. However, if you only hire professionals for moving your property contents or want to perform a DIY move, refer to the list above to know what not to pack when moving.