What Is Peak Moving Season?

What Is Peak Moving Season?

Jul 26, 2022 Planning is one of the most crucial aspects when relocating home. It can help you determine the success of the process. Choosing the most appropriate moving time or date can make things easy for you. If you don’t want to end up with chaos or mess, do proper research and find the quality Removalists Sunshine Coast. They will assist you in packing large boxes and lifting bulky furniture without causing any damage. However, the most difficult thing is choosing the moving date. Hiring professionals during the peak season means you will need to pay extra money to avail of their service because they are high in demand during that period. So, here is a complete guide on peak moving season and also explore when to move if you want a stress-free experience.

What is the Peak Moving Season?

Believe it or not! The summer months are the busiest because kids are on holiday, and families get enough time to prepare and relocate household belongings without any stress. In addition to this, the last week of any month is also considered the busiest time of the month. If you are running low on budget, you should avoid peak periods as much as possible. The high demand affects quality, availability, and pricing if you want to relocate in the summer season. According to some experts, the cost of moving can go up to 20-30 per cent if doing it during the peak season.

Reasons Why Summer is the Peak Season For Home Relocation

You should consider the potential factors to help you know why people prefer moving during the summer season. So, here are some key reasons:

School’s Out

Parents with school-going kids prefer to relocate without interruption from their schools. So, this is the best time to plan and prepare for a home relocation. It is always good to change the school at the start and the end of the summer season.

Warm and Comfortable Weather

People prefer completing the home relocation process in summers or warm weather. Extreme cold conditions overwhelm the process, but freezing road conditions can worsen things. It is quite difficult to lift heavy boxes or preparing large appliances for move in colder months.

Tips on When to Move in the Peak Season

Of course the peak relocation season has very high demand, but you can choose certain days of the week and time that can be less expensive and stressful for you. It is important to understand the trends of the peak season and decide the right date before hiring professionals for smooth removals in Sunshine Coast.

1. Relocate on a Weekday

If you are planning to relocate in the peak moving season, there is a high chance of getting a cheap deal on a weekday. However, Mondays and Thursdays can be quite busy, but you can try and hire professionals in advance.

2. Moving on a Weekend

Are you a working professional on Sunshine Coast who doesn’t get off? If yes, then you can relocate on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are low on budget, never pick up a weekend for your home relocation.

3. Do Not Move at the End of the Month

Most families prefer to move to their new abode at the end of the month. Unfortunately, these are the most chaotic dates in the moving industry during the peak season. It is good to avoid moving during these dates.

4. Avoid The Beginning of the Month

There is a high demand for home relocation at the start of the month. People try to complete their home relocation process as early as possible. If you want to enjoy the home-relocation experience, avoid these dates in the peak season.

5. Move in the Middle of the Month

If you are planning to relocate in the summer season, you can book dates in the middle of the month. This is the best time to relocate because movers are not high in demand, and this will give you reasons to save extra dollars. Make sure you create a complete moving checklist to avoid last-minute chaos.

6. Avoid Moving on a Holiday

Of course, moving on a holiday in the summer month is accessible but not a good idea. It is good to avoid holidays if moving the peak season because these are the busiest days for removalists.

How to Prepare If Moving in the Summer Season?

If you don’t want to pay extra money or face delays and cancellations, then you should keep the following things in mind:
  • It is good to book an early morning relocation to minimise the chances of cancellation and a delay.
  • Do proper research and get quotes before making the final decision
  • Do not hire removalists in Sunshine Coast at the last moment
  • Pack your stuff to save time


It is important to focus on resolving the problems if you are moving in the peak season. It is good to prepare in advance and keep these tips in mind. You can do proper research at least 8 weeks prior to your moving day and book affordable removalists Sunshine Coast  and this will help you save money and energy.