What Is Cubic Metre, And How To Calculate It When Moving

What Is Cubic Metre, And How To Calculate It When Moving

Jul 20, 2023 Are you planning to relocate home this season? The entire process can be intimidating if you don’t hire professionals for the safety of your possessions. They will take care of your household items throughout the process and save you time, energy and, of course, money. When you hire removalists from Sunshine Coast, you will be encountered with a question about the required number of cubic metres that you want to relocate. This helps the company to determine the space required to transport household belongings. With accurate calculation, the companies can choose the right size moving truck and offer you the upfront pricing that will make things easy and manageable during the process.  It will allow professionals to load the truck properly and maintain the road safety guidelines to  prevent accidents or injury during the tranportation. Here is a complete guide to help you know everything about cubic metres and how to calculate it when relocating home. Let’s Get Started!

What is Cubic Metre?

It is a unit of volume used to measure the amount of space an item or object occupies in three dimensions i.e width, length and height. A cubic metre(m³) represents a cube with sides that are each one metre in length. That’s why it is commonly used in logistics, shipping and construction industries. One cubic metre measures 1 metre in length, 1 in width and 1 in height. The formula for calculating m³ is pretty simple: Multiplying the Length, Width and Height of an object and you will get the volume. For instance: If you have a bedroom that is 5 metres long, 4 metres wide and 2 metres tall, then the volume will be 5*4*2 = 40 cubic metres  Calculating the cubic metre volume becomes imperative when moving a house as it will help you estimate the space required on a truck or vehicle to move your belongings. Here are the tips to creating an inventory list of your household belongings when moving. This will help you keep a track of all your items.

How Many Household Items fit in a Cubic Metre?

This is one of the important questions that you need to solve for hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast. If you are still confused, then get a visual representation by stacking 8 medium-sized boxes together to form a cubic metre. For instance: If your household items can be packed into 24 medium-sized boxes, you will need to book three cubic metres of space to keep your belongings intact. This is a simple calculation, but it won’t work when moving large furniture pieces as they can’t be stacked on each other.

Tips to Calculate Cubic Metres of Your Household Items When Moving

Calculating the cubic metre volume can help you find out the estimated space required in a truck for your belongings:

1. Measure the Dimensions

As mentioned above, measure the length, width and height of each belonging or box you want to move. You can use a ruler or a measurement tape to get precise results. Make sure you measure in metres. It is good to get the contents insurance of your expensive and valuable pieces and antiques for your peace of mind.

2. Calculate the Volume

After taking dimensions, multiply them together (Length* Width* Height) of each item or box to get the accurate volume. For instance: If the dimensions of a packing moving box are: Length = 0.4 metres Width = 0.6 metres Height =0. 3 metres Multiply all these together (4*6*3) and you will get the volume = 0.072 cubic metres

3. Sum Up the Volumes of All Items

Make sure you calculate the cubic metres of all your items and sum up the volumes to get the total cubic metre volume. This helps you decide how large a moving truck required for your household items. For instance: If you have six belongings with volumes of 0.03 m³, 0.04 m³, 0.05 m³, 0.08 m³, 0.02 m³, 0.06 m³, the total volume would be: 0.03 m³ +0.04 m³+ 0.05 m³+0.08 m³+0.02 m³+ 0.06 m³= 0.28 m³

4. Consider Extra Space

It is always good to book a moving truck that has extra space for packing materials and a couple of other items. Over-loading the truck can lead to damage and can make things worse for you. So, always allocate extra space or keep empty spaces within boxes. When hiring professionals, avoid common moving scams and choose the right company for the safety of your possessions.

How to Calculate Furniture Pieces as a Cubic Metre?

For that, you need to calculate the length, width and height of your furniture items. To measure odd-shaped furniture like a circular table or chair, visualise a moving box around it and measure the greatest points. For instance: When measuring upholstery furniture, start from the back to get the accurate length, measure the arm to get the width, and measure from the floor to find the height. After that, multiply them together to get cubic metres of your furniture. You can also leave it to professional removalists Sunshine Coast as they will come to your place, inspect your belongings, take the total volume of your shipment and bring the right-sized moving truck for a safe and sound experience. Read on the tips to prevent injuries when moving furniture without any professional assistance.

Wrapping Up

Calculating the cubic meter volume enables you to estimate the space required in a moving truck for your move. You can calculate the total cubic metres of your household items and choose the right size moving truck for safe removals. This will help you save money while keeping your household items intact during the relocation process.