What Are The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Rural Areas?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Rural Areas?

Oct 29, 2020 Sunshine Coast is among the rapidly growing cities of Queensland that is reckoned for its surf spots and fantastic rural hinterland. The city provides its residents with an excellent standard of living, abundant work opportunities and comfort. The urban region is where the majority of the population and activity is concentrated, but this focus is shifting. In recent years, more and more people have moved from the city’s hubs to peaceful countrysides. If you are considering moving to a rural region in Sunshine Coast, here is your complete guide. Read on to know about rural areas of Sunshine coast, migration patterns, and what are its pros and cons. Additionally, find useful tips by expert removalists in Sunshine Coast for moving.

The Rural Areas of Sunshine Coast

Geographically, Sunshine Coast covers an area of 3,127km2 out of which 89% is dedicated to rural areas. The city’s rural areas comprise of hinterland ranges, rivers, surf beaches, mountains, woodlands, and much more. The region is located towards the west of the coastal strip as the urban areas are beside the coast between Caloundra and Noosa Heads. Although the development has been predominantly in the coastal urban areas, the countryside is not far behind.

Migration Patterns

Sunshine Coast is among the fastest-growing council areas in the country with the current number of residents being close to 303,388. The projected population for 2021 is approximately 350,000, considering a lot of people are migrating to the Sunshine Coast. Besides the coastal urban areas, people are moving to rural regions, and it is estimated that the population of these regions will be about 133,213 by 2026. The increase in migration is due to various factors, but the primary one is the rise in property costs in urban settings making lower-income residents seek options in rural areas.

Pros of Moving to Rural Areas

An increasing number of city dwellers are getting drawn towards the hinterlands for a variety of reasons. Thus, if you are planning to move to a rural region in Sunshine Coast, listed below are the advantages. • Peace of Mind Living in a rural area is peaceful and serene, especially for people who want to get away from the chaos and bustle of the city. Many families with young children and retirees move to the countryside to have peace of mind and live a harmonious life. • Economical Property Rates One of the major reasons why people move to rural areas in Sunshine Coast is because the properties are cheaper than the city. You get more square meters at lesser rates making it easier to purchase or rent a house for your family. • Better Privacy Living in rural areas is ideal for people who enjoy privacy and want to live in a house away from meddling neighbours and crowded streets. The countryside is suitable when you want to live a tranquil life without having excessive interference in your daily life. • It’s Greener Inhaling fresh air and having greenery around is not only good for your mental well-being but also your physical health. Rural areas have a cleaner environment and ecosystem than the city making them better for residing with family. The landscapes are beautiful, there is less pollution, and the resources are cleaner. • Better Business Opportunities The rural regions of Sunshine Coast are ideal for people seeking a home in a place where they can run a successful agricultural, ecotourism, carbon trading, or other business. The land is cheaper, and a host of opportunities are yet unexplored, unlike the urban regions.

Cons of Moving to Rural Areas

When planning to move to rural areas, there are many things to consider. Some of the significant ones are mentioned as follows. • Limited Connectivity The prospect of having limited connectivity from the city has to be pondered if you are moving to a rural area. The public transport system is less active than the city, and you have to travel long distances for accessing modern amenities. • Limited Job Opportunities Rural regions are excellent for people having businesses that can thrive in the hinterland. However, job opportunities are usually limited in such areas. If you are planning to leave your job and establish a business of farming, poultry, mining, and other flourishing industries of the rural regions, then only consider moving to a rural setting. • Fewer Options for Entertainment The city has a lot to offer for the entertainment of individuals and families, but rural regions have limited options. You will have fewer restaurants, theatres, shopping centres, and other places for spending leisure time.

Tips for Hassle-Free Moving

Moving is difficult and among the most stressful events of anyone’s life. When you relocate to a rural area, the challenges might be greater due to distance and fewer professional removalists in Sunshine Coast offering their services in certain areas. Have a look at the following tips to make your journey less stressful and smooth. • Start searching for removalists in Sunshine Coast who can help you move to the area you have selected. The process may take time as any removals companies may only offer services in the city or the suburbs. Look for reputed removals companies in Sunshine Coast as they have a wider network, more resources, and a large team of removalists that offer moving service in rural areas too. • Pack your belongings securely using the right supplies, as the travel distance is long. Additionally, label your things correctly to prevent misplacement or loss of items. • Prepare an essential kit as you may need things during the journey, and it is inconvenient to open packed supplies. • Keep everything ready on the moving day to save time and help your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast to complete loading within the stipulated period. • Consider availing backloading service as moving long-distance can be expensive. Ask the removals companies in Sunshine Coast you are considering if they can arrange transport of your belongings in a truck on its way back from another job. Availing this service is economical as you only pay for space your things take on the truck.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a rural area in the Sunshine Coast is a significant decision, and it should be made after considering the pros and cons mentioned above. Managing an interstate move or a long-distance move is always difficult and stressful. Thus, it is essential you know the facts and your options to make an informed decision and ensure your relocation take splace smoothly.