Ways to Research About A New City Before You Move
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Ways to Research About A New City Before You Move

Nov 20, 2019 Moving to a new city can be life’s most stressful events, especially for those who are doing it without any prior planning. It is one of those experiences that bring anxiety, stress and happiness together. The excitement of shifting to a new city like Sunshine Coast is something different. From discovering ever about the city to meeting new people, you have plenty of things to do. You would also get an opportunity to head towards a new lifestyle. However, it can be quite exhausting without proper planning and professional assistance for safe removals in Sunshine Coast. To make your moving experience memorable, you can plan things in advance. Prepare a custom-made checklist to get things done on time and pack your household belongings at least four weeks before your final moving day. Apart from this, do your thorough research before moving to the new city. This will help you more about the place you are going to start a new life. Here are 7 great things that you should consider before relocating to a brimming city like Sunshine Coast. Let’s Get Started

1. Housing Options and Prices

There is no denying the fact that Sunshine Coast has one of the hottest property markets. Queensland boasts of the highest interstate migration percentage across the country. The city is experiencing balanced population growth, high-end infrastructure developments, low vacancy rates, light rail project and potential housing options. More and more people are moving to this city – thanks to the affordable housing market. According to a report, the median price of a house was $595,130 in 2018. The Government of Queensland is offering better results via private market pathways, public housing and homelessness services to secure and retain affordable houses. So, before moving to the new city, make sure you research all the possible housing options such as apartment, cottages, etc. in the hotspots of Sunshine Coast. This includes Coolum Beach, Caloundra, Mountain Creek, Peachester, etc. All these areas offer the highest standard of living, high-end local amenities, low vacancy rates and better housing options. If you want to buy a home in these locations, do your thorough research and estimate the amount you can easily afford. This needs time, so do it while planning your home relocation. Quick Tip: Real estate market research is extremely important when you are relocating to a new city or state. This will help you make the right house buying decision while giving you a sense of relief.

2. Know Everything about Cost of Living

This is one of the toughest decisions to make when it comes to moving to a new city with an entire family. However, there are various factors that need to be considered before making this big decision. For example, if an interstate move is for professional reasons, such as salary hike, the cost of living won’t affect you. But if you are moving to a city where the cost of living is high, then it could negatively impact your current lifestyle. If you are planning to move to Sunshine Coast, then you should know that a single person monthly cost is $1,227,87 without rent. And if you are moving with a family, then the four-person family monthly cost is 4,309.35 without rent. In Sunshine Coast, the Cost of living is low as compared to Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities of Australia. Tip: Do your part of the research about different aspects of life before making the final decision to relocate.

Local Amenities

Have you considered local amenities before relocating to another city? This is something important that can help you live a better life without any hindrance. Apart from housing, look for the cost of other basic amenities such as education, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping mall, grocery store and a lot more. You can research about the schools, universities and hospitals before relocating to Sunshine Coast.

Education Options

The Sunshine Coast provides a ton of reliable study options. From primary schools to secondary schools, the city is home to the various popular schools, including: • Mooloolaba State School, Mooloolaba • Kandanga State School, Kandanga • Mountain Creek State School, Mountain Creek • Noosa Pengari Steiner School, etc. The city is home to renowned universities, such as the University of the Sunshine. It is one of the newest universities in Australia which offers various courses.

3. Hospitals in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast boasts of world-class hospitals, and the government aims at offering the best health services. Some of the top-notch hospitals are: • Nambour General Hospital • Sunshine Coast University Hospital • Caloundra Health Service • Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital, etc. So, consider these amenities before making the final moving decision.

4. The Job Market

Don’t forget to check the job/employment market before moving to the new city? It is always good to do proper research about the employment opportunities in the city so that you can plan things accordingly. Look into thriving job opportunities in both the public and private sector. You should consider this aspect and search for the leading industries that can help you get a good job option. When it comes to Sunshine Coast, Social Assistance and Health Care is the largest employer that has generated more than 24,501 local jobs in 2018. Other industries, including mining, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, construction, Transport, etc. Quick Tip: Do your homework and prepare to move to another city checklist keeping this point in mind.

5. Neighbourhood Features

No matter how far you are relocating, you can’t deny the fact that safety and security is one of the major concerns when you are shifting your home from one place to another. You need to ensure that your family receives the top-class security, and that’s why thorough research is required when moving a house. When shifting to a new city, you should take some time out of your busy schedule and search of neighbourhood features, including local hospitals, transportation facilities, colleges, restaurants, low crime rate and other community events. You can ask your relatives or friends who are living in the same city. They will help you know the key features of your locality and you can also do your part of research for your peace of mind. Make sure the area you are shifting has the best medical care facility, eating joints, transportation facility and safe and secure environment.

6. Transportation facilities

Public transportation plays a vital role in urban growth. Inexpensive, well-connected and efficient transport facilities are the topmost important factors in the social and economic life of our cities. So, if you are planning for relocation, do consider all the public and private transportation options. Make sure the home you are moving is close to the bus stand, light metro rail and other public transport. It is also vital to examine the current pattern of transport while considering their possible problems. This sort of research will help you find a better place to live in the new city and bring more accessibility into your day-to-day life. The Sunshine Coast Public Transport aims at minimising single-occupancy motor vehicle trips and let local residents and visitors explore the entire city using public transport through buses and trains.

7. Quality of Life

Shifting to a new city can affect your quality of life. You should acknowledge the changes by deciding on what things you currently have that you want to continue throughout life. So, it is good to research about the entertainment hubs, parks, beaches, picnic spots, gyms, shopping sites, churches, etc that can maintain your quality of life and give you peace of mind.You can visit and discover the area before making the final move.


There is always something exciting for everyone when it comes to moving to a new city. If you are planning for the same, don’t forget to research all these aspects. Apart from this, consider hiring highly-trained Sunshine Coast Removalists who can make your moving journey as stress-free as possible.