Your Ultimate Easy Moving Checklist: From Start to Finish
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Your Ultimate Easy Moving Checklist: From Start to Finish

May 11, 2020 Are you excited to move into your new home, but not sure where to begin from? There is no denying the fact that home relocation is one of the stressful events. From sorting out household belongings to arranging packing supplies, you have to manage everything on time to avoid last-minute chaos. Of course, hiring cheap removals in Sunshine Coast can reduce a lot of your moving stress, but make sure you prepare a complete checklist for better outcomes. It is wise to start planning things at least 2 months prior to your final moving day. To help you manage your relocation, here is a complete guide that will let you prepare a moving checklist from the start to the end. Let’s Get Started!

Moving Checklist: 2 Months Before Your Move

Believe it or not! It is good to start planning at least 8 weeks prior to your move. This will help you stay on the top of your to-do list while keeping you on track without any stress. 1. Decluttering Your House This is the right time to determine what you want to keep and what you want to discard. Make sure you purge unnecessary belongings that you are not taking along with you to your new house. You can either donate them or arrange a garage sale to earn extra dollars. Here are some quick hacks for de-cluttering and sorting a house: • Get some used boxes and trash bags for quick sorting. • Inspect all rooms and get everything out from you cabinets, drawers, closet, etc. • Categorise into Recycle, Donate, Keep, Trash and Sell. 2. Create a Realistic Moving Budget Make sure you create a budget to track your moving expenses throughout the journey. This will also help you choose the cheap removals in Sunshine Coast within your estimated budget. 3. Hire Professional Removalists Shortlist at least five best companies in your city and get free estimates so that you can make a well-informed decision with ease. It is good to read customer reviews and take recommendations from your relatives or friends while searching for the best removals company. 4. Schedule a Moving Date This is an important step if you want to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience. You can either take an off and relocate on a Friday as you will get enough time to get your new home organised in the weekend.

A Month Prior To Relocation

Organising an entire moving process is crucial for its success. Whether you are moving next to the suburb in Sunshine Coast or a new city, make sure you follow this moving checklist. 1. Arrange Packaging Supplies Once after creating an inventory list of items you are moving along with you, make sure you arrange packaging materials. You can buy packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, heavy-duty plastic bags for your Instead of buying new moving boxes, you can collect free boxes from liquor or grocery stores for free. 2. Get Parking Access for your Moving Truck Do not forget to inform the authorities about the moving truck that will be coming to your apartment during the moving process. Make sure they have the proper aces card so that they get the parking slot easily. 3. Inform Your Kids Make sure you break the news of home relocation to your kids at the right time. They should know everything about the move so that they can prepare thing accordingly. This could be a hard time for them as they will be leaving their school, friends and neighbourhood behind to start a new life. So, spend quality time with them and tell interesting things about the new place. 4. Transfer Your Utilities It is important to transfer your utilities such as electricity, cable and internet plan to your new place. Schedule your installation date at least a month before your final move out.

A Week Before Your Relocation

So, you are just a week ahead of your home relocation. Here are some important tasks that you need to perform when you are just a week prior to your move: • Pack your household belongings- from fragile items to large belongings. It is good to start with items you don’t use frequently. • You can also take assistance from professional packing team who can wrap your belongings with care and precision. • Label all your boxes with the right content so that you can organise all your belongings without any chaos even when you reach your new home. • Change the address online so that you can receive your mails and important documents at the right address after the move. You can visit the post office website online and update your address in a few clicks. • Find a new school for your kids and a new doctor and vet if you are moving to a new city.

A Day Before Your Move

Keep the following things in mind while preparing a checklist a day before your relocation. • Make an inventory list of items you have packed. This will give you an idea of what you are moving and keep things organised. • Remove food items from your fridge and prepare it for a move. It is good to prep your meals using the food items you have in your freezer. • Prepare an emergency kit and include everything such as first aid box, toiletries, hand sanitiser, portable charger, snacks, toys, water bottles, masking tape, credential documents, and other important stuff that you may need during the relocation journey.

During the Move

Check whether your hired movers are loading the belongings carefully or not. Also cross-check inventory list to ensure all items are loaded in the truck properly.


Managing an entire moving process has become super easy with this ultimate moving checklist. Make sure you follow the tips carefully and hire the reliable and cheap removals in Sunshine Coast to experience a safe and stress-free move.