Tips for Packing Your Expensive Furniture When Moving

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two men in blue uniform loading heavy furniture into the truck

Tips for Packing Your Expensive Furniture When Moving

Sep 26, 2017

Moving is the most tiring and exhausting job! Packing and unpacking all those little things from the bedroom or bathroom is a problem, but the real task is to pack and wrap your expensive furniture pieces, which have cost you a fortune. It is advised to start planning months before the D-day to avoid any confusion and mishandling of your valuable possessions.

Keep the packing supplies ready to avoid delays.

The list should include sofa and mattress covers, packing tape, markers, scissors, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, sheets of cardboard, furniture blankets and old towels and rags.

Clean out all the drawers, cabinets or anything inside the furniture you are moving to make your furniture light and easy to handle.

When handling the furniture or bulky objects in your house like moving a pool table, disassemble it well in advance and don’t forget to take photographs of each step as you have to assemble them again in your new location.

Also, nuts and bolts of each furniture piece should be packed separately, clearly labelled and then attached to the furniture piece they belong to, with the help of a tape. This will help save you time and avoid confusion when you unpack.

Securely tape or tie the bubble wrap, plastic or other materials around the detached pieces as you would not like any part of your furniture pieces to become exposed during transit. Now pack them in boxes and label them.

Hire large, spacious moving trucks for your furniture and hire equipment like furniture dolly to carry them out of the house. Place furniture blankets on the floor of the vehicle to save furniture pieces which cannot be packed in the cardboard boxes.

Fill empty spaces between furniture pieces with crushed newspaper, bubble wrap or old rugs to avoid a collision.

You can also take help of a professional team of furniture removalists in Sunshine Coast to make your work easier and avoid any breakage during the transit. Hiring the services of their experienced team will help you to save time and have a stressfree moving experience.

Hope these tips were useful to you. Have a happy moving experience.