Tips for Unpacking After a Move
Couple looking inside a massive cardboard box at the same time

Tips for Unpacking After a Move

Aug 28, 2018 Everyone knows the challenge of moving an entire house from one location to another. When you start preparing your move, you trigger difficulties in accomplishing different phases. From packing household items to lifting heavy furniture, loading delicate pieces to unpacking after a move – every step requires special attention and care. Of course, you can take assistance from affordable Sunshine Coast Removalists, but some processes need DIY tricks to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Unpacking in a new house is one of those chores. Most of the people lost themselves when they see all those packed boxes in a messed situation in their new house. They find it difficult to manage the unpacking process with efficiency, and that’s the reason why unpacking has come up as one of the most annoying processes in the relocation. Fortunately, experts have shared some super-exciting tips and tricks to organise your unpacking after a back-breaking move. Let’s get started!

1. Keep a Copy of Inventory List Handy

The first thing you need to do is to know what you need to unpack first after moving to your new house in Sunshine Coast. For this, keep an inventory list of your household items handy -that you created before packing your belongings for a move. This will make it easy for you to keep everything organised from the start and also save your precious time and effort. Note: If you have hired a moving company, make sure you ask them to provide you with the custom inventory list while packing you belongings.

2. Unpack the ‘Essential’ Items

Instead of losing your patience, think wisely and start unpacking with main essential items. Focus on the things or boxes that you will need to keep your house running. It includes first aid box, kitchen appliances, toiletries and other items that you need for your first night in the new house. Boxes should be labelled clearly so that you can find them quickly and easily among all the other boxes. In case, you have small toddlers and pets, make sure you unpack their bed linens and food items as soon as possible. Tip: Reach out highly-credible Removalists in Sunshine Coast to handle your unpacking process with great responsibility. They can help you organise your new house in a matter of a few hours without giving you stress.

3. Next is your Kitchen Items

Emptying the boxes labelled with ‘kitchen items’ is your next step. Most of the moving professionals unpack the kitchen first and then head towards other rooms. So, it is strongly recommended to arrange the cupboards first and unpack the items you need for cooking such as pots and pans. Get major electronic appliances hooked up along with small equipment such as a toaster or coffee maker. Take one room at a time, and you can organise your kitchen later after unpacking your entire house.

4. Head Towards Bedroom(s)

Putting beds together and unpacking bed linens is one of the most exciting parts, especially for small kids. They love arranging their beds in new space. So, leverage the advantage of this situation and set your linens for each bedroom to help everyone have a comfortable first-time sleep. Tip: First place your furniture and organise your closet before you unpack your bedroom items. Also, check the valuable items like antiques and collectibles, which you got appraised before your relocation.

5. Hire Professional Removals for Heavy Furniture

Arranging a sofa, wardrobe, pool table or dining table is one of the most difficult tasks in the unpacking process. If you don’t want to waste your time in re-arranging your furniture, then ask your Removalists in Sunshine Coast to assist you in organising your bedrooms, dining room and living room as per the given floor plan. Tip: Large items that need assembling first should be completed once you know where they will be placed in your new house.

6. Unpacking Bathroom Items

This is also one of the most important chores so make sure you unpack the box that incorporates all the items belong to a bathroom.

7. Laundry and Garage Spaces should be Unpacked Last

Keep the storage spaces empty until you are done with unpacking your entire house. Since most garage items are not essential, you can organise it later whenever you get time. Try to unpack and arrange the tools such as storage boxes, extra shelving to utilise the space to the fullest. Once you have unpacked your main essentials, you can take some time to know your new space in a better way. Know everything about your house, and a new neighbourhood.


Unpacking boxes after a move can be overwhelming, but the tips mentioned above in this blog post will make your job a bit easier. You can also hire a Removalists Company in Sunshine Coast that offers a range of moving, packing and unpacking solutions within your estimated budget.