Tips For Successfully Moving Your Pets To A New Home

Tips For Successfully Moving Your Pets To A New Home

Sep 28, 2022 Moving to a new house with one or more pets is common because almost two-thirds of Australian households have a pet and more than 40% of Australians moved within the last five years. However, relocating with pets is challenging no matter how often you do it. Animals are more attuned to their surroundings, and house moves cause them stress and separation anxiety. You must ensure they are comfortable and cared for while completing moving-related tasks. Hire professional performing removals in Sunshine Coast to make moving with pets less time-consuming and stressful. Additionally, follow the tips below for successfully moving your pets to a new home.

Prevent Heat Stress in Summer

December-February is summer in Australia and the peak moving season due to increased housing mobility. If you move during this time, ensuring your pet is hydrated and cool is extremely important. Dogs, cats and other furry pets can suffer heat stress when you move on a hot day. It is a serious problem, and you must take the following measures to avoid it.
  • Don’t leave pets inside a car or any other vehicle unaccompanied
  • Keep clean and cool water available at all times for your pet to drink
  • Avoid moving when there is a heat-wave warning
  • Keep household areas with pets well-ventilated.
  • Turn on fans or air conditioners whenever necessary
  • Visit the vet immediately if your pet shows signs of heat stress.

Involve Your Pet in the Moving Process

House moves are often alienating and overwhelming for pets because your focus shifts from them to moving tasks. They can feel neglected if their routine gets upset or you are too tired to attend to their needs. Therefore, you must make an effort to involve them in the moving process as much as possible. Here is what you can do.
  • Let your pet explore, sniff and play with packing supplies to prevent them from being daunted by the large boxes, wraps etc.
  • Visit the new home with your pet to help them familiarise themselves with the property and neighbourhood.
  • Take the assistance of a moving company for removals in Sunshine Coast to have more time to spend with your pooch.

Update Animal Registration Details

Annual registration of cats and dogs is mandatory as per Queensland law. It includes microchipping animals to trace them in case they get lost. Microchips have your contact information and pet details. Therefore, when you move house with a cat or dog, ensure to update their microchip details via your Sunshine Coast Council login. If you need to update any other information, do so while changing your address.

Get a Pet Crate/Carrier

If you don’t have a pet crate/carrier, get one to travel with your pet comfortably. These enclosures are specially designed for keeping animals contained and safe. If your pet is unfamiliar with a carrier/crate, give them proper training to ensure they don’t get scared, anxious or agitated. The carrier/crate will allow you to keep your pet out of harm’s way while your hired removalists Sunshine Coast load or unload moving boxes. Additionally, these enclosures serve as a safe place for pets when you move to a new home. If they get overwhelmed or scared, they can always return to the crate/carrier to calm down.

Schedule a Vet Visit

For your pet to move and travel successfully, it must be in good health. An impending house move can stress pets and cause agitation, anxiety, lethargy and panic. In the worst case, you will need medication to calm them and help your pet relax. You can also need medication for nausea, fever and other ailments as your pet can get sick during travel. Therefore, schedule a vet visit to ensure you and your pet can journey to the new home without hassle. Note: If you are moving long-distance (80km or more) or interstate, collect your pet’s medical records or have them transferred online.

Keeps Treats Handy & Reward Good Behaviour

Many pets stop eating due to moving stress, which is exhausting for both the pet and the owner. To avoid this situation, keep treats on hand before and after moving to help your pet see the move as a positive change. Make sure you and other household members treat the pet for good behaviours like staying put when told, sitting calmly while the removalists work, going for a walk in the new neighbourhood etc. If your pet acts out in any way, don’t scold or be harsh with them, as it will increase their negative feelings. Instead, talk to them calmly and assure them you are there to help.


Moving with pets is challenging, but it is possible without stress if you take the right steps. Your pet must have a safety kit and it should be fed, hydrated and comfortable to move to the new home successfully. Thus, take the assistance of professional Sunshine Coast removalists and follow the tips shared above to ensure your pet moves without hassle.