Tips For Moving House In Bad Weather

Tips For Moving House In Bad Weather

Jun 13, 2023 With a mild coastal climate, Sunshine Coast’s weather is usually pleasant and comfortable all year round. It has around 300 days of sunshine per year, making the weather not a huge problem during house moves. However, the weather in any city is not always pleasant and there can be days when moving is challenging due to heavy rains, scorching heat, stormy winds etc. Therefore, you must plan for the event well to avoid stress and hassle even if the weather is bad when you wish to move. Hire a reputed company to manage removals in Sunshine Coast and complete the activity without breaking a sweat or your back. Additionally, look at the tips below to move house in bad weather and save yourself time, money and peace of mind. Read on.

Check The Forecast Before Selecting The Moving Date

Even when you are long-term residents in a city, never make the mistake of assuming the weather will be good on the day you move. Climate change is a serious issue and its repercussions are apparent in various areas of Australia. Therefore, unforeseen weather events are not as uncommon as they used to, making it necessary for you to check the weather forecast before finalising the moving date and booking professionals for removals in Sunshine Coast.

Prioritise Safety Of Everyone Involved In The Moving Process

It is always better to be late than sorry, which is why if the weather conditions are bad or starting to get bad, be prepared to delay the move. The risk of automobile accidents, severe injuries and falling sick is higher when visibility is low and outdoor surfaces are slippery due to bad weather conditions. You must consider the safety of everyone involved in the moving process including the removalists you plan to hire for removals in Sunshine Coast.

Reduce The Packing & Moving Load

When you are ending a tenancy, relocating for a job or moving due to health reasons, choosing the right time to move is challenging. Therefore, it can happen that the weather is unfavourable anytime. Having loads of moving boxes, furniture, electronics and more belongings is challenging during this time. Therefore, whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before, pare down excessively. Get rid of everything you don’t need at the new home and plan well to donate, resell or discard these things.

Line Moving Boxes With Plastic Bags

Water and moisture can damage your personal and household belongings. They also cause mould development if damp moving boxes or furniture is stored in a facility during long-distance or interstate moves. Therefore, ensuring rain water, moisture from humidity or contaminants cannot enter the moving boxes is crucial. To avoid these issues, line moving boxes with plastic garbage bags before placing things inside them.

Wrap Furniture In Moving Blanket

Packing and securing furniture with foam and bubble wrap isn’t enough to keep it from ruining during bad weather. Therefore, take a page from books of professional removalists in Sunshine Coast and cover large furniture with moving blankets. They aren’t water-proof, but they offer better protection when underneath plastic shrink sheet and other wraps.

Take Extra Precaution While Moving in the Rain

Moving during rainy season can bring its own set of problems. Therefore, take the following measures to reduce stress.
  • While loading the moving truck, line the pavement with tarp sheets to avoid slips, falls and dirtying the moving truck.
  • Wear anti-skid shoes and water-proof overalls to remain dry and avoid injury.
  • Cover all moving boxes, electronics and open items with plastic shrink wrap.
  • Also, make sure to label your moving boxes correctly.

Hire Removalists Early

In whatever weather you plan to move, make sure to start looking for removalists in Sunshine Coast at least 8-6 weeks before you plan to move. Keep track of the weather during the search and make sure to book removalists four weeks before the moving date to have ample time to handle any situations or reschedule in case weather conditions impact your removal process.

Purchase Quality Packing Boxes and Moving Supplies

Buy brand new packing supplies to eliminate the chances of using poor-quality boxes, wraps and other moving supplies. Usually, it is better to arrange supplies that are in good condition and suitable for recycling. For example, go for corrugated 3-5 ply moving boxes to ensure your things remain safe from environmental impact.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a challenging process and when you have to do it during bad weather, it is a nightmare. You must plan and prepare for it well to have a good experience. Therefore, use this guide to move during difficult weather and manage your house move without weather conditions ruining your things.