Tips For Eco-Friendly Relocation

Tips For Eco-Friendly Relocation

Aug 29, 2022 Do you have to move homes soon and are wondering how to do it in an eco-friendly and green manner? Moving homes on Sunshine Coast can impact the environment due to the number of plastic moving supplies you might use and the fuel emissions while transporting your items. However, there are ways to avoid this situation and reduce your carbon footprint by following eco-friendly ways to move. Here are some excellent and informative tips by professional removalists on Sunshine Coast to reduce waste when moving.

1. Make A Plan

If you plan out your house move, you can list and organise your items appropriately and arrange the right amount of supplies. You won’t be buying unnecessarily large amounts of moving supplies and will be able to declutter your space more efficiently as well.

2. Declutter Your Items

You should throw every room in your home and start organising your things. Declutter your space and put unused items in one separate box. You can donate or sell these items or even put them in storage for a while. This will reduce the number of boxes you will have to use for the move and thus is more eco-friendly and green.

3. Donate Items

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint when moving is to donate items you don’t need anymore to local charities or a local thrift store. If you throw these items away, they will end up in a landfill and contribute to the growing clothing textiles waste. According to studies, Australians get rid of at least 23 kilograms of clothing yearly in landfills. So, giving your extra pieces of clothing to donation centres or thrift stores that can reuse these items is more eco-friendly.

4. Recycle Your Items

When you are decluttering your items while moving homes on Sunshine Coast, you can also send most of your plastics and other unused items for recycling purposes. This will prevent unnecessary wastage and will also reduce the number of boxes your professional removalists on Sunshine Coast will have to load and unload. Once you are done moving, you can also recycle your moving boxes to prevent unnecessary packing wastage.

5. Use Household Items To Pack

Instead of purchasing bubble wrap and packing paper to wrap and pack your items, you can opt for household materials. You can use newspapers, towels, and linens to pack your items and keep them safe in your moving boxes. You can also double warp your fragile items in linens and towels to keep them from getting damaged.

6. Use Large Items To Store Small Items

  • You can also reduce the number of cardboard boxes you use by utilising as much space as you can.
  • Put small items into large items like cleaning supplies in buckets or garbage bins, and then stack the large items together.
  • You can also keep your clothes in the dresser itself and tape the handles so that you don’t have to pack them.
  • This will save you time when you are unpacking all your belongings in your new home.
  • You can even use your luggage and storage bins to pack many of your items and thus make a more eco-friendly move.

7. Use Recycled Boxes

You can ask your local recycling centre or charity for used boxes when packing your items. This is an eco-friendly move and will also help reduce your moving costs as you won’t have to purchase cardboard boxes.

8. Dispose Of Chemicals Properly

If you are getting rid of any chemical items while moving homes on Sunshine Coast, you must make sure that you dispose of them properly. Check your local wastage centre online and find out the correct way to dispose of each chemical so that you don’t harm the environment.

9. Hire A Green Moving Service

If you use a quality removalists in Sunshine Coast to help pack and move your items, you should make sure they also use eco-friendly practices. Check their policies to see if they operate in an eco-friendly manner and use green packing solutions and moving supplies.

10. Use Biofuel When Moving Items

  • Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint is by using biofuel when transporting your items from one place to another.
  • According to official reports, 17% of carbon emissions in Australia come from fuel combustions in transportation vehicles on the road, pipeline transport, aviation and rail.
  • You can replace your standard diesel or petrol with biofuel and significantly reduce the carbon emissions in Australia.
  • If you use a professional removalist to move, you can check if they also use biofuel in their moving trucks.


The above tips by expert removalists on Sunshine Coast will help you reduce your carbon footprint and global warming by adopting more eco-friendly relocation techniques. By recycling, donating to charities, and using household materials to pack and recycle boxes, you can make a big difference to the environment while you relocate to your new home.