Tips To Be Eco-Friendly and Reduce Waste When Moving
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Tips To Be Eco-Friendly and Reduce Waste When Moving

Aug 20, 2018 Amidst the excitements and frustrations of moving, many people might not realise—and what all the reliable removalists in Sunshine Coast will tell you—is that moving generates a ton of waste. Think about it; when we move, all the things we don’t want or don’t need any longer are left behind. These unwanted things may include paper trash, plastic bags and containers, broken furniture, and dead electronics, all of which need to be disposed of properly to prevent pollution. Still, many of us leave the surroundings choked with these pollutants when we move. It may not be in direct violation of your lease to leave piles of trash sitting around waiting, but it directly affects the quality of the environment. It’s even sadder when you realise that an eco-friendly move is often cheaper as it heavily relies on reusing and recycling materials. So, if your lease is almost up and you’re thinking of ways to move with the least adverse environmental impact, these tips should put you on the right track.

1. Make Use of the Containers You Already Have Before Buying Others

Duffel bags, suitcases, backpacks, old boxes, and large plastic bins are all ideal for packing a number of things. If you already have them in abundance, skip the part in your moving checklist where you buy new boxes. Using more disposable containers when moving means you have more to dispose of by the time you finish unpacking at your new home. To prepare yourself for a move, save up all the boxes you get, perhaps from ordering things online, as they can be handy when you need additional space to pack. Tip: You can also rent durable and customised boxes from your Sunshine Coast Removalist for a small fee and save yourself from all the hassle of collecting old boxes and the environment from a ton of waste.

2. Use Environmental-Friendly Packing Materials

The packing material you use doesn’t have to be a plastic bubble wrap all the time. Hard as it may be to pass up the opportunity to pop some bubbles willingly, this widely available packing material is harmful to the environment. Some old clothes and blankets are great packing materials that will save your belongings from getting damaged and your budget from rising. Using these will make your work easier once you get to your new home since they do not require unique disposal methods to destroy.

3. Sell Off or Donate What You Don’t Want

While a garage sale will help you get a bit of money while you clean up the unwanted stuff, not every bit of unwanted junk in your house will fetch a premium price in Sunshine Coast. For that reason, you should be ready to donate your stuff, which includes not just clothes, but also the electronics and furniture you don’t want anymore. This way, fewer items are left behind as trash.

4. If You Must Get Additional Packing Material, Get Used Boxes

Sometimes you have more stuff than space. Still, this is no excuse to go buying new unrecyclable boxes. Instead, set your eyes on used ones, especially the corrugated kind, as these are much easier to recycle. Reach out to your neighbours, friends, family, and workmates to see if they have any to spare—your wallet will thank you. Should you ever need to move again, several people in Sunshine Coast will be willing to lend you their old moving boxes.

5. Recycle Old Paint If Re-Painting Is Necessary

If some rooms need retouching, you’re better to try looking for old cans of paint in the attic than buying new ones. Save some money by reusing this old paint, which is also a way of disposing of it off safely since paint can be quite toxic to the environment.

6. Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

All your efforts to stay green can be made moot by one irresponsible moving company, so take your time when picking out a company to help you move. There are some eco-conscious moving companies like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast who take care of the environment while moving your possessions safely. Eco-conscious moving companies often come prepared with plastic tote bags that can be of great help if you’re running out of packing space. Some use biodiesel to power their trucks, which results in reducing the carbon footprint. Others help their clients dispose of things like plastics in addition to providing eco-friendly packaging on request. In the end, the moving company you choose should reflect your dedication to keeping the environment pollutant-free.

Wrapping Up

Use these tips have an eco-friendly move and reduce waste. An experienced and reliable removalist like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast will help you to manage your move efficiently and safely along with saving the environment from further depletion.