Things To Consider When Moving Out Of State

Things To Consider When Moving Out Of State

Feb 14, 2022 Moving to a new state for better business opportunities, education, or job is common. Besides work or studies, many people move domestically for improving their standard of living, affordable housing options and other personal reasons. According to the regional internal migration estimates by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 104,100 people moved interstate in March 2021. Every year, thousands of Australians move nationally through professional removal services in Sunshine Coast. Thus, if you want to move interstate, you are not alone. You need to plan and prepare for the process to avoid inconveniences, delays and excessive stress. Additionally, there are things to consider when moving out of state. Have a look.

Should You Rent Or Buy A Residential Property?

One of the biggest decisions to make when moving interstate is buying or renting a house/apartment. Purchasing a residential property at any new place is a major life decision for which you have to consider various factors like your household income, savings, long-term plans for staying at the location etc. Additionally, the median house and unit prices of a city affect the decision. For example, the median house price in Sunshine Coast is over 3, 500,000 which is much lower than Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Buying a house is a significant commitment for most people, which they don’t want to make after relocating to a new state. Thus, they rent a house or apartment first to settle and find out more about the place. This decision is also influenced by the median rental values of residential properties. For instance, often migrants choose Sunshine Coast in Queensland over capital cities because its median rent is affordable. As of December 2021, Sunshine Coast’s median rents for a 3-bedroom house and unit were $550 and $560, respectively.

Changing Your Address

After buying or renting a home at the new location, the next major task is to start the address change. It can affect your insurance policies, vehicle registrations, and other important things. Additionally, changing your address is crucial to keep government and non-government authorities informed of your location. Therefore, you should create a checklist outlining the places and people you need to notify about your move. It should include the ATO, Australian Post, banks, insurance agencies, healthcare providers etc. To stay on top of everything, you must start the process when the moving date is fixed, and you book a reliable company for its removals services in Sunshine Coast.

Taking Care Of Utilities

Whether you are moving locally or interstate, taking care of the utilities is important. You need to inform your current service providers about your decision to move and create a plan for discontinuing the utilities by a specified time. However, before you proceed with the cancellation, you must inquire if they can transfer the services. If you want to explore new plans and providers for setting up gas, electricity, water and sewerage, use reliable platforms like Energy Made Easy or the local government websites. Using these platforms, you can get contact details, make plan comparisons and set up utilities at your new home with ease.

Explore Moving & Storage Options

Relocating to another state without professional help is practically impossible. You need to explore moving and storage options to smoothly manage every aspect of the process. Ideally, you must start looking for reliable removal services in Sunshine Coast at least two months before the move. Most reputed removalists offer packing and interstate moving. They also offer backloading solutions for people with a tight moving budget. You can avail of a full moving service to let the professionals handle every task related to your relocation or take partial assistance. Besides packing and moving services, you should decide whether to rent a storage unit or not to keep your belongings safe during a long journey. If you don’t want a storage unit, consider getting your things moved via a storage container. You can load it at your own pace, and your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast will deliver it to your new home.

Reduce Your Packing & Moving Load

Moving interstate is costly, and you don’t want to add to your expenses by paying extra for packing and transporting your belongings. Therefore, declutter and get rid of everything you don’t need at the new home. • Start by discarding old, broken and rarely used items. • Don’t take decorations or items you haven’t used for six months • Giveaway plants, furniture, clothes, sentimental items and other belongings in good condition to near and dear ones • Pack things you want to donate or resell separately. • Exhaust your pantry to avoid wasting food. Giveaway packed food and drinks to local food banks. • Recycle or dispose of plastic, chemicals and other household waste responsibly.


With proper planning and preparation, moving out of state is manageable without stress. Since it is a major life change, you will need the assistance of professionals removalists in Sunshine Coast offering removal services. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the things mentioned above before relocating to settle in your new home smoothly.