The Ultimate Unpacking Guide: Settle In Your New Home

The Ultimate Unpacking Guide: Settle In Your New Home

May 25, 2022 Are you excited about moving to a new location but are dreading the thought of unpacking your boxes? With some good tips and recommendations from expert removalist Sunshine Coast, you will be able to unpack your belongings like a pro and settle down in your new home with ease. Here are some excellent recommendations from these experts that will help you in this process:

1. Clean Out Your New Home

It would help if you started by cleaning your new place so that you can start organising your belongings and furniture in all the rooms. You must do a proper deep cleaning of your new home in the following manner: • Dust all the surfaces in your new home, including tabletops, shelves, cupboards and cabinets, using a feather duster. • Clean all the doors and windows using a damp sponge and wipe them clean with a dry cloth. • Sweep and mop all the floors and use a vacuum to remove any remaining dirt and grime. • It is much easier to clean in the beginning than when you unpack all your household and have no energy left.

2. Plan It Out

The next thing you must do is plan how you will unpack your boxes. You can do this in the following steps: • If you start anywhere, you will be all over the place and won’t be able to unpack it properly. When you are moving out of your home, create a plan as to which boxes you need to unpack first and load them accordingly. • Load all your essential boxes and necessities last so that you can unload and unpack them first. • Plan out which rooms you want to unpack first and who will unpack what. • You should also set a time for how long you want to take to unpack all your belongings. This will help you create a timeframe for when you can get rid of all the boxes and be fully settled in.

3. Start With Your Essential Boxes

According to expert removalists in Sunshine Coast, it is always a good idea to pack a box of essentials for your first few days in your new home. This will help you as you won’t have to sit and unpack all your boxes to find all your necessary items. You should keep all your essential documents, kitchen utensils and pans, bathroom toiletries, medicines, food items, chargers and power banks in this essential box and unpack it as you have finished cleaning your new home.

4. Start With The Kitchen

You should then start unpacking your boxes room by room and start with the kitchen first. This is because you will need your kitchen appliances and utensils to cook food and enjoy some coffee or tea after a long hectic day of moving. Unpack your box labelled kitchenware and fill all the shelves and cabinets as soon as possible. You can take small breaks in between so that you don’t tire yourself out.

5. Unpack Your Bedroom

If you are tired after unpacking the kitchen and need a little rest, you should unpack your linens and bedsheets to have a small nap in between packing. Once you wake up, you can unpack the rest of your bedroom, including all your shelving and storage units.

6. Time To Unpack The Bathroom

Once you are done unpacking the bedroom, you should start unpacking all your bathroom boxes as you will want to take a shower and feel good in your new home. Keep all your toiletries ready, and start filling all your shelves to have everything you need in place.

7. Arrange The Furniture

Professional removalists on Sunshine Coast suggest taking pictures of your furniture arrangement in your old homes when you move. This will help you similarly organise your furniture in your new home. Doing so will help you save time and create a good floor plan for your furniture items and will help make your house move less stressful.

8. Have People Help Out

It would be good if you asked your friends and family to help you out with the unpacking when moving house so that it can finish quicker. Also, you should delegate tasks to different people so everyone can handle one part of the unpacking, and the whole burden won’t fall on you. If you have kids, let them unpack their own rooms so that they can feel involved and will be in a good mood about shifting.

9. Unpack All The Utility Rooms Last

The last step is to unpack all the utility rooms, like the garage and basement. These can be done at your own pace and spread out over a long period. Keep all your old and used boxes in these rooms so that you can use them for your next move.


Now that you are done unpacking you can sit back and relax with a nice meal and enjoy your new space.