The Ultimate House Moving Checklist For A Smooth Move

The Ultimate House Moving Checklist For A Smooth Move

Jan 12, 2024

It is true that moving house is easily one of the toughest things to do. It is stressful, overwhelming, and tiring. If you have ever moved houses, you will know that the entire process is time and energy-consuming. However, a big reason behind that is not following a well-prepared plan and checklist. It makes it tough to complete the tasks on time.

You may even forget to remember a few of them since there are so many things to take care of. The move will become easier if you can prepare a house moving checklist and complete things like hiring the best removalists Sunshine Coast on time. Here is the ultimate house moving checklist for a smooth move. Follow this step-by-step approach to streamline your move.

Eight Weeks Before the Relocation

Eight weeks before the move is the ideal time to commence the moving process by completing tasks like these:

1. Sort and Declutter

The first thing you need to do after confirming that you are moving is to start sorting and decluttering your stuff. Go around your home and take a look at the items in each of your rooms. Get rid of the ones you no longer need and the ones that have stopped serving you. Discard the stuff that is not working. Sell or donate the ones that do work.

2. Keep a Folder or File

Put aside a folder or file to keep all the paperwork related to the move. Use it to keep track of things like your estimates and receipts. You should also get a notebook where you will be keeping all your moving-related notes.

3. Research Professional Removalists

Start researching professional removalists in Sunshine Coast eight weeks before the move. This will give you sufficient time to figure out genuine and reliable companies by reading reviews and comparing quotes.

Six Weeks Before the Moving Day

Six weeks before the move is a great time to complete some tasks that demand a bit of time.

1. Host a Garage Sale

By now, you would have decluttered your home and will likely have some items that can sold as they are still useful. Use this time to host a garage sale and ensure you only have essential stuff in your home.

2. Notify the School

This is the ideal time to inform the staff at your kid’s school about the upcoming move. Gather copies of important documents and school records. Also, take this time to make yourself aware of the enrolment process at the school near your new residence.

3. Medical Records

Check with your doctor and collect your entire family’s medical records for future use.

4. Gather Packing Materials

Six weeks before the move is the perfect time for collecting packing supplies, as you will need to start packing your stuff soon. The supplies include packing tape, markers, bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, and other similar stuff.

Four Weeks Before the Relocation

As the moving date gets closer, it is a must to start completing the most crucial tasks, such as these:

1. Start Packing Your Belongings

Start the packing process by boxing up the non-essential stuff. This includes items that you won’t need right away. Use the correct techniques and appropriate materials.

2. Label the Boxes

Clearly label and number each box and mention the content inside it. It will help you keep an inventory of your stuff.

3. Book the Moving Company

By now, your research will be completed, and you will be ready to hire professional removalists Sunshine Coast. Just hire a company you think is genuine and confirm all the details of the move, including the date and time.

4. Set up Utilities

Start closing out the utility service at your current place and setting them up at the new residence. You can also use this opportunity to notify all the other relevant parties about your move, such as your landlord.

Two Weeks Before the Moving Day

Since the moving day is about 2 weeks, it is necessary to speed up and handle some of the most crucial moving tasks.

1. Pack the Fragile Possessions

Adequately pack all the delicate stuff as they need extra care. Use the packing supplies that offer sufficient protection.

2. Clean Your New Home

Ensure your new place is thoroughly cleaned. If not, either hire professionals or use the DIY ways of cleaning the entire property.

A Day Before the Relocation

By now, most of your tasks will be completed. However, there are a few things you need to do to avoid future inconveniences.

1. Pack an Essential Bag

This essential kit will include all the stuff that you will need immediately upon arrival. It can be things like toiletries and clothes.

2. Check-in with the Movers

Contact your preferred budget removalists Sunshine Coast to confirm the pickup date and time and ensure they are ready.

The Moving Day

Now, it is time to move all your stuff. Just ensure all your stuff is properly packed and ready to be loaded on the moving vehicle.

1. Assist the Movers

Help the movers load all your stuff, especially the delicate ones, and place them in the safest manner.

2. One Final Check

Finally, do a last walkthrough of your old home and ensure nothing is left behind. Hand over the keys to the landlord or property manager.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that moving is stressful and overwhelming. However, it is possible to make it easier. By following a checklist, you will streamline the move and ensure a successful relocation process.