The Ultimate Checklist For Moving To A New Apartment

The Ultimate Checklist For Moving To A New Apartment

Aug 18, 2022 People often prefer getting an apartment rather than buying or renting a house while moving for work, higher study or other reasons. Apartments are economical, and you have more options to choose from in the property market. Thus, you are not alone if you are moving to a new apartment. Also, you are not alone in thinking that managing a move to a unit is easier than a house. It is a common misconception, and it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety when you shift. Relocating, whether to a house or a unit, both are equally challenging, and you should prepare for it to avoid the hassle. Thus, here is the ultimate checklist for moving to a new apartment to help you streamline the process. Have a look.

Create A Budget

Moving is financially taxing as you have to pay for fixed expenses with one-off costs like parking permits, booking removals Sunshine Coast, paying rental bond etc. To avoid spending your entire savings, start by outlining all the expected moving costs and create a budget. Also, make sure to keep money aside for surprise expenses as well to prevent stress on moving day.

Reduce Handling & Moving load

Whether you are moving everything yourself or taking the assistance of professional removalists in Sunshine Coast, you must lessen the handling and moving load. Fewer things to pack means fewer boxes, no requirement for a round trip to move things and reduced stress. Additionally, you have fewer things to worry about placing in your new apartment, and you can free space for new things as well after moving.

Give Notice To Your Landlord

When ending a tenancy, you must notify the landlord about your intentions to move on and rent a new apartment. This step is crucial because tenancies don’t end without a formal and written notice. You need to mention the date and serve the document correctly to end the lease agreement without disputes.

Start Packing Early

After decluttering, you must start packing immediately to ensure your belongings are wrapped and boxed by the moving day. You can hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to pack for moving to your new apartment. However, if you are doing it yourself, make sure to pack the least used things first and the most used things last. It will help you load the moving truck strategically and make unpacking easier. This way, you can unload things you need immediately upon arrival first and settle in your home quickly.

Get The Basics

If you are moving out of home for the first time into your new apartment, then it is crucial to get basic items as follows.
  • Kitchenware
  • Appliances like iron, toaster, coffee makers etc.
  • Beddings, matters, cushions and covers
  • Small furniture like table, chairs, stools, couch etc.
  • Cleaning supplies like a broom, mop, detergent vacuum cleaner, and microfiber clothes etc.
  Make a list of other basic things you need in your apartment and if you have a roommate, ask what things they have that you shouldn’t get.

Make A Change Of Address Checklist

Outline all the small and major tasks you need to complete for changing your address using an excel sheet, paper journal or an organising application. Change of address checklist is useful in remembering all the places you must notify and inform them in time to update documents, subscriptions etc. What’s more, the checklist helps you track your progress and set deadlines for things to move without delays.

Book Professional Removalists

Make sure you start looking for professional removalists in Sunshine Coast at least four weeks before moving. Taking the assistance of professionals is necessary when moving to a new apartment because navigating boxes, furniture and other household items through corridors, stairs and pathways is difficult. Experienced removalists have the expertise and equipment to handle and move your things without damage or hassle in apartment buildings. Thus, you must book removalists in Sunshine Coast when moving.

Set Up Utilities

Tenants often pay for utility services such as gas, electricity, phone, internet and water (occasionally). Hence, moving to a new apartment is one of the best times to start new plans for utilities and get great deals. Most utility providers offer discounts when you start a new plan. Instead of shifting your utilities from one apartment to another, do your search to find a suitable plan for energy, internet, water, sewage, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you are moving to a new apartment and need to streamline your tasks for a smooth move, use this ultimate checklist for moving to a new apartment. It will help you outline the tasks and complete them in time. Also, hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to manage your move without hassle or stress.