The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving Pets

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving Pets

Dec 30, 2022 Did you know that Australia has over 29 million pets, of which dogs make up 61%, and cats make up 40%? Pets are amazing creatures that give us comfort and support and improve our lives. But moving homes with pets is a task as your beloved furry animals get stressed and nervous about any change and will take time to adjust. This is especially true if you bring your cats and dogs to Australia from another country, as it will be a big change, and you will have to get several permits and tests done. In such cases, it is better to hire a professional removalist on Sunshine Coast who are aware of all the legal documents and tests that need to be done to import your pet into Australia. They will also be able to arrange a suitable kennel and carrier for your flight so that your pet can breathe easily and move without any stress and worries. To know more about such do’s and don’ts when moving your pets on the Sunshine Coast, you should read below:

Do’s Of Moving Pets

1. Talk To Your Vet

Start by talking to your local vet to see if your pet is healthy and ready for travelling. If you are moving to another country, you must collect all your pet’s medical records and vaccination certificates before you leave. To enter Australia, your cat must be vaccinated against the feline enteritis virus, and dogs must be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Para-influenza and Leptospira interrogans.

2. Get Your Pet Microchipped

When moving homes, it is essential to update all the information on your pet’s microchip, including your new address. If your pet still needs to be microchipped, you must do it before travelling to Australia and make sure an ISO-compatible chip reader can read this grain-like chip. This microchip will allow the authorities to keep track of your pet’s health records and the date and help you find your pet easily in case they run away.

3. Prepare In Advance

Since this is such a big change for your pets, it is good to be prepared in advance so that you can complete all your moving tasks and complete all the necessary formalities and paperwork.
  • Ideally, if you are moving across the globe, prepare at least two months in advance because you will need to book a quarantine facility for your pet.
  • Your pet must stay at least ten days in quarantine upon arrival in Australia. Since there is only one quarantine facility in Australia in Melbourne, you will have to start booking in advance.
  • It is also important to note that your pets must only arrive at the Melbourne International Airport no matter where you are going to live, as the quarantine facility is located in this city.
  • You can hire professional removalists on the Sunshine Coast to help you complete all these legal documents and formalities so that you have everything in place when moving.

4. Maintain Your Normal Routine

One of the biggest things you must do when moving homes in Australia is to maintain your normal routine around your pets. Your furry creatures can get stressed over even the slightest change in your routine and will create a fuss. Therefore, you must maintain their normal feeding and walk timings and also make time to play with them. If you find it difficult to maintain your normal routine, you should ask your friends and family to take care of your pets for a few days to keep them away from the moving action.

Don’ts Of Moving with Pets

1. Feed Your Pet Just Before Moving

You must avoid feeding your pet before moving, as the transit might have a bad effect on your pet and make them feel sick. This is especially true if you travel by flight, as the transit time will be longer. Feed your pet well in advance and also play with them enough so that they can get tired out and sleep while on the move.

2. Forget To Pack Their Essentials

Similar to packing your bag of essentials, you must also pack an essentials bag for your pets when moving homes with cats and dogs. This should include your pet’s favourite treats, toys, beds, blankets and medicines and keep this in your vehicle. You can keep taking breaks on the move to play with your pet and give them attention to keep them happy.

3. Start Unpacking Your Own Items

If you are moving with a pet to the Australia, you must first unpack their belongings and set them up in one corner of your home. This is essential to make your pet feel comfortable and allow them to warm up to their new home. Your pet removalists on the Sunshine Coast can help you set this up so you can relax and enjoy your new space.

4. Force Them To Get Accustomed

Your pet will need time and space to get used to this new change and home. You should let your pet stay inside for the first weeks so they can slowly warm up to your home. Once they are ready to go outside and explore the neighbourhood, you can slowly take them for walks and introduce them to your new neighbours and friends in the colony.


Moving homes with pets is not easy, but you can pull off this move successfully with a few do’s and don’ts and plenty of awareness and planning. Make sure you consult with your vet before travelling to ensure your pet is healthy and fit, and get all your documents in order. You can hire removals in Sunshine Coast to help you move homes with pets in a stress-free manner, as they know what formalities are required in this process.