The Complete Moving Supplies Checklist

The Complete Moving Supplies Checklist

Mar 27, 2023 During a house move, everyone experiences stress. Prolonged stress can take a toll on your mental health and lead to anxiety disorders. The only way to reduce stress is to plan and prepare for the relocation in advance and streamline your tasks. To do that, you need all moving supplies to manage packing and other tasks effectively and efficiently before the move. Also, you must know what supplies to get to make your move smooth. However, knowing what these supplies are is challenging, especially when you are moving for the first time. You can hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to ease your confusion and burden during a move. But, if you plan to do it yourself, you must create a checklist of items to have on person when you start moving-related tasks. Thus, here’s a complete moving supplies checklist to get you started. Have a look.

Buy or Source Moving Boxes

It’s a no-brainer you will need moving boxes to pack and move your things without damage and in an organised manner. You need corrugated cardboard moving boxes in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate all your personal and household belongings. In addition to standard moving boxes, you must get wardrobe boxes, flat-pack boxes, heavy-duty boxes for bulky items and more. These are specialised boxes made to serve certain purposes. You can buy brand-new moving boxes or get free moving boxes from local shops, recycling centres etc. Note: Skip this step when hiring professional Sunshine Coast removalists to pack and move your things. They will bring the moving boxes.

Keep Must-have Packing Supplies Handy

Besides moving boxes, you will need various other packing supplies to secure your things when not taking the assistance of professional Sunshine Coast removalists for packing. Thus, here is a list of supplies you cannot pack without.
  • Packing tape (buy extra strength one for securing boxes)
  • Plastic sheets to wrap things
  • Foam and bubble wrap to shock-proof things
  • Box cutter
  • Labels and a markers

Large & Sturdy Trash Bags

During a house move, you declutter and have a lot of unwanted things, along with trash. You will need large and heavy-duty trash bags to throw things responsibly. Besides disposing of trash and clutter, you can use these bags to pack clothes, random pillowcases, towels, linens and other loose things without worrying about putting them moving boxes. These bags will also come in handy during the rainy season to line moving boxes and protect your belongings from moisture, mud and mould.

Keep a Tool Kit

Don’t disregard the usefulness of a standard tool kit because you can need it anytime. It can be needed when you are disassembling furniture, hanging paintings, and managing other tasks before and after your move. If you don’t have a tool kit, buy one with the following tools.
  • A 4-way screwdriver
  • 16 and 12-ounce hammer
  • Basic screwdriver set
  • Handheld drill
  • A wrench
  • Wire, pliers, measuring tape and a putty knife
  • Goggles and work gloves

Pack a Moving Essentials Bag

Ask every household member to pack an individual essential bag which they will take along. This bag travels with you on the personal vehicle and contains things you will need during and after moving. You can keep snacks, water, change of clothes, keys, ID card & documents, charger, medication, toiletries and other important things in the bag. If you have kids and pets, pack their toys, blanket, devices etc., to keep them entertained while travelling and upon arriving at the new home.

Keep a Journal & Pen

Make sure you have a journal and pen with you while packing to make lists, take notes, mark dates, note contact details and other important things. You will also need the journal to keep track of moving costs and see if you are spending more than your moving budget allows. Use it for inventory as well, and keep the contact details of your Sunshine Coast removalists accessible at all times.

Get Moving Blankets

Packing furniture is challenging, and you will need moving blankets to cover large items. Moving blankets are thick and large enough to secure furniture. You can keep them in place with shrink wrap and packing tape. If you hire professional Sunshine Coast removalists for furniture moving, they will bring the blankets, wraps and other supplies.

Rent or Buy Moving Equipment

In addition to packing supplies, you must have moving equipment handy to make shifting, loading and unloading moving boxes and other items a piece of cake. You will need harnesses, straps with claps, sliders and a dolly to pick up and move things safely and without injuring yourself due to contact with objects.

Wrapping Up

A house move is always challenging, but you can make it less stressful and overwhelming by keeping the necessary things on hand. Therefore, use this complete moving supplies checklist to make your move smooth and tension-free. However, if you lack time, energy or skills to manage a relocation, don’t hesitate to hire professional removalists.