Sunshine Coast: The Best Places To Visit For New Residents

Sunshine Coast: The Best Places To Visit For New Residents

Jan 18, 2024

Sunshine Coast certainly does justice to its name. Sunny skies and an extremely pleasant climate attract tourists to this place all year-round. You will spot a lot of clean beaches, top-notch surf breaks, wildlife-rich parks, and numerous other tourist attractions.

That is why Sunshine Coast is Queensland’s one of the most renowned tourist destinations. If you have moved to this place, chances are you are feeling excited to explore the place.

However, without knowing the best places to visit, it can be a challenge to navigate your way through the city. So, it becomes important to research first, educate yourself about the places and then visit.

In this guide, we will go over the best places to visit in Sunshine Coast for new residents. It will help you create lasting experiences.

1. Noosa National Park

Undoubtedly, Noosa National Park is Sunshine Coast’s one of the most natural treasures. The park is known to comprise more than 9,800 acres of pristine beaches, heathlands, dunes, and rainforest. The park’s most famous section is the Noosa Headland section.

If you are visiting this place for the first time, the scenic coastal track provides an excellent introduction. As you move along the trail, you will spot attractive views of the blue-green sea, looking through the pandanus trees.

Every now and then, if you look up, you will likely see a glossy black cockatoo or even a koala if you are really lucky. After around a kilometre, a spot at the Dolphin Point provides scenic coast views. Sometimes, you may even ma nage to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales. Spots like Granite Bay and Tea Tree Bay are ideal for a picnic.

Going even further, Hell’s Gates provides stunning views of Alexandria Bay and pounding surf. Exploring this national park is one of the best things you can do after you have successfully moved here with the help of budget removalists in Sunshine Coast.

2. Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach is considered a tourist magnet due to its shining surf breaks and immaculate sands. Families, as well as beginner surfers in particular, like the gentle surf at this magnificent stretch of north-facing beach. Also, it is a wonderful spot for swimming. When you are paddling in the clear water, you are likely to spot Noosa National Park’s beautiful views.

This beach is also quite safe since lifeguards patrol here every day. During the summer and peak times, a big crowd of tourists gathers here, and a sea of multicoloured cabanas pops up along the shore. If you do not prefer a big crowd, make your way around the headland to Little Cove.

3. Australia Zoo

Located around 22 kilometres west of Caloundra, Australia Zoo is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Queensland. The place offers a lot of fun encounters with typical Aussie animals. This includes kangaroos, snakes, koalas, and lizards. You will also spot a stunning lineup of exotic species, including elephants, cheetahs, and rhinos.

When you are here, it is best to attend one of the most renowned live animal shows in the Crocosuem. According to the schedule, you might be able to see everything from things like croc-feeding demonstrations to otters and koalas. Undoubtedly, this place is worth visiting after you have successfully moved with the help of cheap removalists in Sunshine Coast.

4. Mooloolaba Beach

Mooloolaba Beach is a sun-drenched north–facing spread of sea and sand. Backed by high-rise apartments, it is more developed in comparison to other Sunshine Coast beaches. Such characteristics are a big part of this place’s appeal. In fact, there is something for everyone here.

  • Surf squads can practice their drills in the crystal clear water.
  • Health enthusiasts can jog along the spot-like beachfront path.
  • Rookie surfers can brave the swells through their boards.
  • Volleyballers can also get on with their game.

When hunger strikes, go across the road and get a snack from one of the few sea-view cafes.

5. The Original Eumundi Markets

Around 20 kilometres southwest of Noosa, a place known as the Original Eumundi Markets is ideal to drench yourself in local colour. The markets are known to be held each Wednesday morning and Saturday in the Eumundi’s beautiful hinterland town. These vibrant markets have the slogan of “Make it. Bake it. Sew it. Grow it.” You are more than likely to find something unique here.

They offer items such as designer clothes, organic produce, home goods, plants, jewellery, natural therapies, skincare, etc. It is a wonderful place to purchase Sunshine Coast souvenirs or delightfully enjoy lunch from one of the food stalls.

You can get anything from Turkish kebabs to Thai food. This place is a must-visit after you have successfully moved with the help of budget removalists Sunshine Coast. It is best to settle in to ensure you are not sick due to the fatigue of relocation and then start exploring the places.

6. Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach is a well-known base for Sunshine Coast tourists due to its namesake attraction. It is a long and delightful stretch of sea and sand, and that is why it is a surfing hotspot. In fact, most people consider this place as one of the best to learn surfing.

If you would like to take a break for a snack, you can make your way to one of the calm little cafes located across the street from the beach. You can also pick up chips and fresh-cooked fish. This place will be ideal for booking a surf lesson or just rent a board.

Go south along the Point Arkwright Trail from here. The bush tracks direct to lovely pandanus-fringed bays. When heading towards the south direction, the bays will most likely become less crowded.

In fact, on weekdays, you might even have it all to yourself. Such hidden gems are the ideal places to enjoy a picnic. These places are the reason why people move to this city, even if it means navigating through challenges.

7. Kings Beach

Caloundra is packed with gorgeous beaches. However, Kings Beach can be considered the king of all of them. This appealing slice of powdered shoreline contains something that can make every family member happy. Kids will be able to paddle in the gentle beach break. This place will also make the parents happy. They can enjoy a picnic, take a colder dip, or sunbathe.

If surfing is your preferred sport, this spot presents the ideal opportunity to ride the waves. When it is time to take a much-needed break, you can explore a variety of great restaurants just a few steps behind the sand.

8. Caloundra Coastal Walk

The Caloundra Coastal Walk is one of the perfect ways to sightsee on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone loves to stroll in the Sunshine, past numerous good-looking Caloundra beaches. You can do so too.

If you are sweating, you can stop for a cool dip or make your way into one of the cafes for a short break. You will be able to walk for miles along here. The trail is known to stretch for about 25 kilometres, fully from Golden Beach, which is in the South to Mooloolaba located in the north.

On the way, there are a few must-see Caloundra attractions, including Bulcock Beach, which has calm waters. There is also Caloundra Headland Memorial Walkway, which honours people who lost their lives during World War II. This place is a must-visit once you have moved to this beautiful city with the help of budget removalists Sunshine Coast.

Wrapping Up

Sunshine Coast is one of the best places for adventures, playing sports, or just relaxing. Moving to this gorgeous city will allow you to explore such places and create memorable experiences. Visit the ones mentioned in this article and enjoy the beauty this city has to offer.