Step-By-Step Guide On Moving Heavy Furniture

Step-By-Step Guide On Moving Heavy Furniture

Apr 01, 2022 Moving heavy furniture is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to relocation. Many people suffered from neck, shoulder and back injuries during the loading process. Such injuries happen when you lift heavy items inappropriately. Moreover, when you try to move such items on your own, the chances of damaging the items also increase. Therefore, it is vital to figure out ways to help you carry out the task perfectly and without any hassles. Many people prefer to contact a moving company to ensure safe removals in Sunshine Coast. The professionals use modern equipment and innovative methods to move heavy furniture like a couch, dining tables, wardrobe, etc. If you are relocating on a tight budget and decide to carry out the task with your friends and family, you need to follow some guidelines. Here is a step-by-step guide on moving heavy furniture.

Step 1: Make a Plan

If you want to carry out your relocation without facing any chaos, you need to be as efficient as possible. The easiest way to do it is by making a plan, so start heavier items first. These objects are generally loaded into the moving vehicle ahead of smaller items and boxes. Make a game plan to move heavy and bulky furniture and other items. The plan must include the route and the sequence in which they will be loaded and how they will be packed and unpacked. It is a great way to make your house move less stressful.

Step 2: Disassemble your Furniture and Pack

You should disassemble the large furniture as much as possible and make sure that you keep screws and bolts safely. Most couch and table legs are detachable, making it easier to manoeuvre these large pieces of furniture in narrow places. Wrapping furniture in plastic wrap is also a smart idea. The wrap holds the components together and prevents scratches or dents. Covering them with blankets and securing them with rope will keep the furniture safe in the truck.

Step 3: Use the Right Moving Tools

Why take a toll on your body by lifting and loading heavy furniture when you can get the job done by using modern equipment. You can purchase or rent the equipment, so decide whether you will use them only once or you want to keep them for future moves. To move big furniture safely, you will need the following items.

Moving straps

These useful devices, also known as furniture or lifting straps, reduce the weight from the back and arms, making lifting and loading much easier.

Furniture sliders

If you are moving large furniture on your own, these are a must-have. Furniture sliders are generally are manufactured using plastic and are placed under each leg or corner of the piece of furniture being moved to let it glide across the floor, including carpet.

Furniture dollies

When moving furniture, there are two sorts of furniture dollies – one is a four-wheeled square platform while the other is a two-wheel hand truck.  These items distributes weight vertically, which makes it very useful.

Step 4: Follow Correct Technique to lift Heavy Furniture

Lifting is sometimes the only option, and this is where the majority of the people relocate on their own get injuries. As a result, it is essential to be cautious and take your time. Do your research and learn about the correct technique to lift heavy and bulky items. Anyone who has a history of back pain due to age factors or other reasons must avoid it. Contact professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to get the job done. If you want to do it yourself, follow the techniques mentioned below.
  • Bend your legs instead of your back: When moving heavy furniture, the most important thing to remember is to carry the weight in your legs rather than your back.
  • Carry items close to your body: Always carry heavy furniture as close to your body as possible, rather than away from it. It is one of the moving safety tips everyone should know.
  • Keep Your Body Steady When Lifting or Carrying: When you are lifting or walking with heavy furniture, keep your body as steady as possible. Twisting or making other quick motions could lead to injuries.

Step 5: Check the Stairs and Doorways

Moving large pieces of furniture up and downstairs and through doorways is a team sport, so make sure you have enough helping hands for the task. When transporting something up or downstairs, utilise the high-low approach. In this method, the person lower on the stairs carry the object by the bottom surface while the person higher on the stairs carries it by the top surface. It will help to distribute the item’s weight evenly. Experienced Sunshine Coast removalists also follow a similar approach while loading heavy furniture.

When You Need Professional Help?

No matter how strong your back is, there are a few things you shouldn’t lift yourself. Some items are so large or heavy that hiring a reputed removalists Sunshine Coast is the only option to accomplish the task safely. Other things may be enormous and fragile, requiring more care and attention and the use of a few specialised moving tools. You should contact a moving company for the following items.
  • Pool table
  • Fishtank
  • Piano
  • Hot tub
  • Exercise equipment
  • Large/heavy antiques
  • Appliances like washing machine

The Bottom Line

Packing and loading heavy furniture into the truck can take a toll on your body. Therefore, you must make a proper plan before moving out of the home and follow the step-by-step guide that is mentioned above. To avoid the stress and hassles, contact professionals to experience smooth removals in Sunshine Coast.