Smart Tips On Moving House During Holidays

Smart Tips On Moving House During Holidays

Nov 16, 2022 Contrary to popular belief, moving during the holiday season can be good. Usually, people avoid relocating at the end of December & start of January. However, most one-yearly or semi-annual lease agreements end during this time. There are more rental options, and you can find a suitable property in the summer. Additionally, school term in Queensland finish in the first weeks of December and children has at least a month and a half of leaves. The availability of good removalists in the Sunshine Coast is also not an issue if you book them early. Therefore, if you plan to move during the holidays, make the most of it and manage the process smoothly with these smart tips by experts.

Decide on Moving Date As Soon As Possible

The holiday season means high traffic, business closures and increased rates of removalists in the Sunshine Coast. The best way to avoid delays and stress during this time is to decide the moving date as early as possible. It will give you ample time to notify your rental provider, make an inventory, search for local removalists and get packing supplies. You can also plan dinners, lunches and holiday gatherings according to your moving plans.

Monitor Your Expenses

Moving is expensive, and you can spend thousands of dollars when relocating during the holidays because you have to pay for fixed and one-off expenses. You also need funds for gifts, decorations, food, shopping and much more for celebrating the festivals. Thus, creating a budget is necessary to maintain your savings while moving. Outline all moving expenses such as the cost of removalists in Sunshine Coast, rental bond payment, utilities’ set-up fees, etc. Additionally, mention your holiday expenses roughly to make a complete budget.

Get Creative with Packing

Besides starting packing early, you must get creating by collecting plastic bags, cardboard boxes and other packing materials you get while shopping. Also, reduce the cost of packing supplies by using things already in your home for wrapping and securing property contents. You can use blankets, bedsheets, newspapers, plastic bags, pillow covers, socks and much more for packing electronics, utensils, home decor items etc. However, for packing heavy furniture and fragile items, get quality moving blankets, 3-5-ply corrugated boxes, bubble/foam wrap and other special supplies.

Don’t Keep Lunches, Dinners & Parties at Home

When planning a move during the holidays, your home can be messy with packing supplies, things to discard and more. By inviting people over for holiday celebrations, you add to your moving stress and hassle. Therefore, it is best to host lunches, dinners and parties at restaurants, cafes or other venues. Additionally, ask family and friends to avoid planning gatherings at your home this year and make up for it by hosting a housewarming party after you have moved into the new home.

Pack room by room

You have to shop, decorate the house and do much more during the holidays. Thus, it is best to pack room by room, starting from the least used area. Pack the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms last, as these are the most important rooms in a house. Wait until the last week to pack the most important items and get them loaded on the moving truck first. This way, your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast will unload them first, and you can open the boxes and start using the contents right after moving.

Move On Weekdays

Want to avoid peak hour traffic, hoards of shoppers and others moving to a new home? Plan to move on a weekday when most people are at work or in their homes. Weekends are holidays for people, which is why most of them plan to move on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By moving between Monday to Friday, you can reduce hassle to neighbours, ensure building stairs and lifts are less crowded, and ample parking is available. Additionally, you can book removalists in Sunshine Coast at lesser rates because most reputed professionals charge more on weekdays.

Don’t Over Buy Things

Avoid adding to your packing and moving load by buying new things for the house. On the contrary, aim to lessen your list of things to move by tossing, donating and reselling personal/household belongings. You can buy gifts and decorations to give away to family and friends. But, don’t plan to give them after moving. If you do, then it is best to buy presents after moving. Alternatively, you can purchase gift cards and let your near and dear ones get what they want for themselves this year.

The Bottom Line

Many people are worried about moving during the holidays because they fear removalists in Sunshine Coast will be unavailable, or their prices will be sky-high. However, if you plan your move, manage important tasks early and use the smart tips above, you can move economically and celebrate the holidays without stress.