Setting Up Utilities In Your New Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting Up Utilities In Your New Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Sep 07, 2023 Are you relocating to your new abode in Sunshine Coast, Queensland? The city offers affordable housing options, skyscrapers, beautiful landscapes, and high-end amenities. Whether you have bought a studio apartment or a luxury house, make sure you get your utilities up, such as electricity, gas, water, internet, cable, etc., before moving in. This will help you settle into your new house without uncomfortable living conditions. Lack of electricity will make it difficult to navigate your home, especially when you have large boxes and furniture pieces. If you have kids and pets in the moving process, prioritise the utility set-up process as quickly as possible. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you complete the procedure without a hint of stress:

Start the Preparations Early

Before relocating to your new abode, make sure you prep for setting up your utility services:
  • Create a proper list of the utilities you need to set up at a new house.
  • Do proper research about the service providers in your local area and compare their basic rates
  • Contact them to schedule the set-up date.
  • Arrange everything for installations
  • Book professionals ahead for safe and sound removals Sunshine Coast so that you can focus on utilities process.
List of Basic utility services to set up in a new home:

1. Electricity

This is one of the major utility services that must be installed or connected before moving in. There is a high chance of injuries and accidents without the power supply. Plus, you need electricity to operate lights, kitchen appliances, electric devices and security cameras.

2. Gas Service

Gas is also an imperative utility in a home. It powers your heater stove and helps you cook meals. According to the stats, more than 50 per cent of homes in Sunshine Coast use natural gas for heating and cooking purposes. Make sure you disconnect the gas service at your current home on time and re-connect it before you move in.

3. Water and Sewerage

To set up water  and sewerage service, you must follow the proper procedure. In Queensland, the local water company supplies water service to homes. You can directly contact them and set up the service. Make sure you provide the updated address and complete name. You may also need to provide a deposit or pay a water connection fee.

4. Cable and Internet

You need cable and internet connection in a new home, especially if you work from home. You can either choose a local internet service provider or contact your current one for re-connection.

5. Trash & Recycling

These services will help you maintain a clean environment, both indoor and outdoor. So, it is good to contact your local trash and recycling service centre, especially if you have a lot of packing waste. Read on eco-friendly tips for a sustainable move and reduce landfill waste.

6. Home Security Systems

Installing a home security system will give you peace of mind and protect your family against burglary.

Step-by-Set Guide For Setting Up Utilities

It is important to set up each utility service individually. So, start the process at least three to four weeks before the final moving date. Make sure you  complete the utility set up process especially moving house in bad weather.

Know About Your Utility Service Providers

You need to know everything about the utility service providers if setting up utilities from scratch. It is good to check and know about the local utility service providers in your area. From their official website to other key information, gather all information. Don’t forget to check your lease agreement or contact your landlord if renting. Tip: Basic utilities such as power, gas, water and trash pickup have one provider option, while internet and cable have multiple options.

Contact the Company in Advance

In the next step,  contact the utility service company as soon as possible. If you are moving locally and want the same service at a new place, transfer them before the final move in. You can also cancel existing utilities and set up new ones depending on your specific needs. If you want to start everything from scratch, you will need to set up new ones. Here are the three conditions to help you deal with:
  • Transfer utilities
Contact the current service provider and let them know you want to transfer the services to a new place. You will need to provide the new address and the final date you need service to shut off in the current home and re-connected in another.
  • Cancel Services
Contact the company and let them know you want to discontinue the service from the specific date.
  • Setting Up New Service
Make sure you visit the official site of a new service provider and contact them directly. Make sure you provide them with the new address and the set-up date. You may need to make a payment and also choose the package depending on your needs.

Check for Successful Set Up

There is always a possibility of mistakes when transferring, setting up or cancelling the services. So, it is important to verify everything and save your time and money. This will help you settle in your new house without any obstacles and make the process easy for you.

Check Your Last and First Bills

The bills of utility services can get tricky when relocating home. Some companies charge a transfer fee, while others may have some extra costs for new service set-up or installation. So, check your last and first bill for electricity, gas, water and other services. With proper planning and preparation, you can easily set up your utility services and move your belongings with the help of the best removalists Sunshine Coast in a streamlined manner.


These are some of the key steps that will help you set up your utility services in a new house without any stress. Make sure you communicate properly with the service provider and plan a smooth transition when transferring or setting up new utilities.