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Nothing can beat the magic woven by the blue waters flowing in the coastal town of Maroochydore. The densely populated suburb of Sunshine Coast was home to a significant population of 16,800 in 2016 and currently boasts of being a huge commercial area of the city. The central business district has several shopping precincts, including the popular Sunshine Plaza shopping centre. The well-connected region has one of the city’s biggest bus interchange and is well-known for hosting surf sport carnivals on its scintillating beaches. Naturally, it has become a hotspot among travellers since it offers ample sun, sand and shopping opportunities. The region has many attractions like Maroochy Waters, Twin Waters and Maroochy River, which attract people who wish to enjoy the serene waters. A lot of people move here to enjoy the beauty of this place and experience its matchless standard of living, which includes a vivacious nightlife.

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Our safe removals in Sunshine Coast are preferred by both families and businesses.

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Lured by the sparkling beaches, commercial precincts and recreational hotspots, many families and business owners move to this suburb. Better Removalists Sunshine Coast aids them in moving their belongings with comfort and efficiency. Our professionals have been trained for months in packing and transferring all types of materials without any damage. They bring a variety of tools and supplies that help them to cover up everything effectively and load it in the trucks with least manual labour. All our removalists are verified by the local police and are fully insured. Thus you can enjoy peaceful and safe removals in Sunshine Coast.


Maroochydore is home to one of the biggest townships on the Sunshine Coast and is an ideal place to settle down. We have helped several families and businesses to move here in a safe and systematic manner. Our cheap removals in Sunshine Coast are highly recommended for our exceptional customer service and low prices. Nothing makes us happier than helping people move with their treasures without any challenges. Whether it is a unit or a house, we are fully equipped to manage the removal of your assets without any scrapes and scratches. From glass tops to king-size beds, we move everything.


Although considered a holiday destination, Maroochydore offers optimum living conditions to enjoy coastal life. Being close to the waters makes its housing sector a high demand segment with 326 visits per property. The median property price of houses consisting of 3-bedrooms is approximately $575,000, and the rent for the same size houses is close to $500 PW. Units in the suburb are also available at almost the same price. The median price of a 3-bedroom unit is $522,500, and the rent is approximately $455 PW. The seaside life and a galore of water-based activities make it the perfect resting place for families and youngsters.

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Many people are doubtful about moving as they think that it will take several weeks to get everything packed, transported and then unpacked and organised. This is the reason why most of them trust our professional service to get the job done without any delay. Since our teams are trained and experienced, they take much less time packing everything up and transporting it quickly. Also, we provide valet services which help families to clean, unpack and organise in the new home. Thus the entire process gets covered by professionals who make it fast, effortless and hassle-free.


The lure of living in coastal heaven brings many people to the shores of Maroochydore. We come to the aid of these families and businesses which are moving to the suburb with our safe removals in Sunshine Coast. You can rely on our able and skilled removalists who are passionate about helping people with packing, loading and unloading. They go above and beyond to make people comfortable during the move by taking over the entire relocation process and making it a tension-free experience for the customers. We are trained in making sure that no harm comes to your household items and business assets.


It is common for businesses to relocate when they are expanding or downsizing. Most corporate houses rely on our experienced and trained removalists in Sunshine Coast to move their stuff from one place to another. Our teams have the expertise of packing workstations and files in an appropriate manner and labelling them with colour coded markings to ensure their placement in the right order. We also provide ancillary services that help in quick restoration of the computers, machines, cabinets, pantry, etc. We make sure that your work is not hampered or suffers due to a longer downtime.

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Better Removalists Sunshine Coast has been offering its outstanding services to its wide customer base throughout the city and its suburbs. People living in Maroochydore highly recommend our safe and reasonably priced removals that fit into their pockets easily. We are punctual and sincere in our endeavours and make sure that your stuff arrives on time. Our team is known for its excellent customer service and polite behaviour. With our cutting-edge tools, we are able to move even the heaviest of furniture with ease. Also, we are focussed on zero-damage and put our best foot forward to get things tied up and stacked in a proper manner. Our trained specialists are well-versed in packing delicate items that are breakable and carry them with caution. We put emphasis on making the removal most comfortable for your family. Thus we utilise a checklist based on your instructions to ensure that we work according to your needs and requirements. You can rest assured, we will take the necessary safety and security measures to deliver your belongings to your new home intact.

Get Insured and Safe Removals In Sunshine Coast With Us

Our insured service is a fail-safe way of ensuring that you will not have to bear the losses in case of an unforeseen mishap or accident. We put the highest priority on the safety of your possessions and are extremely cautious while handling fragile and delicate items. You can trust us to get your belongings delivered without any damage.

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