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The coastal suburb of Sunshine Coast is a stunning beachside town that is known for its holiday-like appeal. Away from the noise of the city, it is one of the preferred destinations for surfing and swimming among the seekers of fun. Home to a lively shopping and entertainment precinct, Coolum Beach boasts of a huge park which is ideal for family outings and recreational activities. The beach is the life of the suburb and is surrounded by esplanade shops and green areas. The fast-developing region has been growing quickly and has been experiencing a surge in establishments of new businesses and housing developments. It is an ideal place to enjoy the perfect work-life balance as you are living in a tourist hotspot with a plethora of commercial activity. There are ample spaces for relaxation, and the amenities include schools, bus system, restaurants, surf school and markets. Thus if you are thinking of moving to this lively suburb on the coast, then you must contact us for safe removals.

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We have earned the reputation of a trusted removals company as we have the best packing system and a pool of talented workers in our teams. We use sturdy and strong moving boxes which are long-lasting and are designed to carry heavy objects with ease. These are filled with packing paper, blankets and old clothes to avoid any gaps between the contents and reduce the risk of breakage. Also, we recycle our boxes, so you don’t have to bear the cost of the packing materials. It helps in bringing down our overall costs and also reduces the impact of our processes on the environment.


An essential part of safe removals in Sunshine Coast is the loading and unloading technique. We keep all the boxes near the entrance and then start loading the big furniture, including beds, wardrobes, cabinets, dressing tables, dining table, etc. After these are loaded, we bring the heavy boxes consisting of clothes and books. We then bring the electronics and fragile items that go on the top so that they are not damaged due to the weight of other boxes placed over them. These are stacked in a systematic manner so that they do not fall off from where they are placed.


The beauty and coastal lifestyle of Coolum Beach have helped in the development of the region in the past few years. Naturally, the housing sector has experienced a positive trend which has helped in improving the prices. The median property price for a three-bedroom house is approximately $635,000, and the rent for the same house comes close to $485 PW. The demand for property is quite high, and this can be justified from the fact that the visits per property have reached 783, which is much higher than the average of 504 in Queensland.

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Our removal process begins with the first contact, where we note down your requirements and the size and location of the property. Our support team offers a flexible moving schedule which helps you to choose a preferred date. We cover the length and breadth of the city and its suburbs. Our local removalists in Sunshine Coast are well-versed with the routes in Coolum Beach and arrive on time without bothering you for directions. We provide you with an approximate timeline of the process and complete it without any postponement. Our teams keep your instructions in mind while packing and unpacking and ensure minimal wear and tear.


The most common pain point of people who have to relocate is to get everything organised in the new house and start all over again. It disrupts their whole routine as they have to do it bit by bit and are unable to locate most of the stuff in the kitchen or the study. We transform this worrisome chore into an unproblematic task by offering our valet services. They arrive at your doorstep before the possessions are delivered and clean it thoroughly. They unpack all the boxes according to the labels and organise everything as per the instructions of the clients.


Many people who are moving to smaller homes and units need to get rid of the big furniture and assets that cannot be fitted in the smaller property. However, many are too attached to their possessions to part from them. Thus we provide our storage solutions to such families. It allows them to put the excess baggage in our protected warehouse where it stays safe from all external hazards for both long durations and short intervals. You can retrieve some of these items or the entire pack whenever you need it. Our professional movers Sunshine Coast will deliver them to your address on the desired date.

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Packing is the most vital part of safe removals in Sunshine Coast, and this is the reason why we put maximum emphasis on it. We have a wide range of packing boxes which are perfect for all kinds of materials and save them from shocks and external elements. All the material is recycled, so we have been reducing our carbon footprint. We have packing boxes for a wide range of items, including LCD TV, clothes, glass bottles, books, golf equipment, cutlery, china, paintings, etc. Our removalists use packing paper and blankets to wrap the items and then place them in cartons to avoid any chances of breakage. We make sure that the boxes are appropriately protected from extreme heat and dust or water during rainy season so that there is no damage to the contents inside. Our expert packing process makes sure that mould and vermin do not make their presence felt inside the boxes as the temperature inside the truck is maintained at all times.

We Move Furniture and Heavy Items With Precision and Care

Our customised service is committed to moving every object in your home through a flawless procedure. We have advanced equipment which makes it easy to push and pull the furniture down the stairs or out of a door without any scratches. You can get your belongings delivered with zero-damage by hiring our removalists.

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