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Birtinya is a beautiful suburb of Sunshine Coast which has become more of an urban oasis due to its new developments and presence of young families. Encompassing the Kawana Forest, it has been experiencing a steady growth in population. The suburb is positioned close to Lake Kawana which comprises the community centre along with commercial kitchen facilities for events organised for the community. Dotted with modern homes, Birtinya extends a safe and vibrant neighbourhood filled with parks and outdoor spaces near the lake. The presence of the Sunshine Coast Health precinct along with the Birtinya Shopping Centre have made this place more appealing for people who want to be close to the beaches. Offering ample shopping and entertainment opportunities, the region has the best amenities in terms of sports, education, health, public services, dining and shopping. The well-connected area is perfect for those looking for a sea-change with an urban lifestyle.

Moving To the Waterside Community of Birtinya?

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The stunning suburb of Birtinya offers an impressive concoction of living an urban life in a relaxed and laidback region. Most people aspire to move to its exquisite townhouses. Our removalists on Sunshine Coast can offer the perfect support in this endeavour through their skilled service. We have rigorously trained professionals who can safely pack the biggest and the smallest items without any fuss. They maintain the highest safety standards throughout the transit and unloading process. With the help of our ancillary services, you can get your home ready for a comfortable living. The best part is that it all fits into your budget like a dream. So, you can book our affordable Sunshine Coast removals to move here and start the new phase of your life.


Better Removalists Sunshine Coast is committed to following eco-friendly techniques for the entire moving process. Thus we recycle all the moving boxes and take them back after unpacking. We use packing paper, blankets and old clothes to create an insulated cushion inside the boxes so that the fragile items do not get damaged. We never utilise plastic or bubble wrap for the task. Our moving trucks are energy-efficient and do not pollute the air. Most of the packing material gets recycled so there is less garbage build-up of plastic in the oceans and our water bodies stay safe from harmful materials.


Since the region doesn’t have a very large population, the demand in the housing market is average. The median property price of a 3-bedroom house currently stands at $597,000, and the rent for the same property is close to $495 PW. Most of the population residing in Birtinya consists of independent youngsters followed by the older generation and a maturing population. The median price for a 3-bedroom unit in Birtinya is close to $400,000, and the rent for the same unit stands at $520 PW. Its proximity to the lake and several recreational areas make it a haven for families looking for a comfortable home.

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The time of moving is filled with anxiety and nervousness as the tenant has a lot on his plate. He has to take care of the cleaning, utilities, safe removal, unpacking, organising, etc. Our supportive service takes away all the stress and pressure by offering streamlined and safe removals in Sunshine Coast. We provide you with an upfront quote which can be compared with competitors before giving us the nod. We keep your needs in mind while packing and unpacking and do the labelling as per your instructions. Thus to have complete control over the relocation, you must book our removal service.


Whether you are moving out of the suburb or moving into its cosy neighbourhoods, our cheap removals in Sunshine Coast can help you to enjoy a worry-free experience. We have a professional team of removalists which is dedicated to providing a seamless removal to families and businesses. You can contact us to get a customised and upfront quote for your requirements. We bring all the packaging material which has been made specifically to carry a variety of materials, including glass, books, clothes, utensils, crockery, etc. Our removalists enjoy superior expertise in loading and unloading, which ensures zero damage.


Our company is known for providing safe removals in Sunshine Coast as our professionals are verified by the local police and are fully insured. You can depend on us when you have to move with your belongings and need a helping hand. Our supportive and courteous team gives you the much-needed assistance that allows you to focus on your family and other important work related to relocation. With our affordable prices, you can enjoy cheap removals in Sunshine Coast that come with quality workmanship and attention to detail. We work according to your terms so that your stuff is moved the way you want.

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Our removalists in Sunshine Coast utilise state-of-the-art tools to move the heavy furniture and massive items that need to be carried with safety and care. We take every precaution while moving out the upholstered furniture, beds, fridge, musical instruments, electronics, etc. We have pledged to keep the environment safe, and this helps our clients to become a part of the initiative and use only natural products for packing. All the materials utilised for packing are recycled, and we bring along energy-efficient vehicles that do not cause pollution. We make sure that your belongings stay safe throughout the loading, transporting and unloading process. With our attentive staff at work, you can rest assured about getting your belongings delivered in the same condition in which they were packed. Also, we do not add any additional charges to the costing and provide you with an upfront and final quote. Our support team is prompt in responding to your queries and scheduling your bookings as per your comfort level. You can also take advantage of our supplementary services to make it a completely relaxed relocation.

Move With The Support Of Professionals In Sunshine Coast

We treat your stuff like a treasure and keep it secure during the moving process. Our moving trucks provide optimum protection to your baggage, electronics and furniture from external elements and harsh climatic conditions. With our expert guidance on your side, you can enjoy the relocation with your loved ones.

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