Relocating Guide: How to find the best Removalists in Sunshine Coast
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Relocating Guide: How to find the best Removalists in Sunshine Coast

Sep 12, 2017 Moving has become a part of our lives due to the growing trend of renting residential property in Australia. Most of the time our moving experience depends upon the services offered by the removalist, we choose. Where the some interstate removalists in Sunshine Coast provide the best services, there are others who make moving seem like a nightmare to you. Here are some tips for you on how to find best Removalists in Sunshine Coast:

Check into The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)

  • The companies listed in AFRA have been approved by the association and are liable to comply with the guidelines set for them. There is a strict code of conduct and standard to follow for all removals.
  • To find an AFRA removalist in Sunshine Coast, check into their website and search for them.

Ask your family and friends for recommendations

  • You can also ask for recommendations from your family and friends as they can guide you with their personal experiences and thus you can shortlist some of the best removal companies in your area.
  • You can also search online and go through the unbiased views of the people who have hired your shortlisted companies in Sunshine coast.

Call the shortlisted companies for a quote

  • Call the removal companies you have shortlisted and ask for a quote. Don’t hesitate to ask questions once their representatives come for the interview.
  • You may ask them questions like, do they charge on an hourly basis for the job or have a fixed rate.
  • You should also know if there are any hidden charges like waiting charges, GST or storage charges etc.
  • Ask questions regarding the packing material they would provide or if they would offer packing as a part of the job.
  • Try to hire companies who offer packing facility along with moving as this would make your job much easier.

Enquire about the call-out fee

  • Ask your removalist whether they charge you a call-out fee or the fee you pay in advance while booking a job.
  • Also make sure whether it will be a part of the given quote or not, to avoid disputes later.
  • In most cases, this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of cancellation of job or shifting of the job to some other date.

Confirm who will perform the task on the D-day

  • Confirm with your removalist about who will perform the given job.In some cases, removalists subcontract the job to other companies and just act as middlemen. In this way, the responsibility shifts to the third party so it is essential for you to know, who would be responsible for your goods in case of any loss or breakage.
  • You have trusted a company by its website and its name, and you are unaware of what kind of services you would get from the third party. So, it is better to hire a removalist who performs the job themselves in Sunshine Coast.

Insist on a written quote from the company

  • Insist on getting everything in writing, which may include:
  • The details of the job to be done.
  • Price fixed for it after negotiation.
  • Responsibility of the removalist for breakage or loss of goods.
  • Both the addresses (your old house and your new home),
  • Time and date of the job.
  • Details of insurance policy in case of damage or loss of goods.

Ask for insurance details

  • Once you have checked your insurance details; whether your insurance offers cover for your belongings while they are in transit or not while sitting packed in the old house or while some things have been shifted to your new place and others are at old address etc.
  • Ask for the insurance details from your moving company as well. Most of the reputed removalists have got insurance coverage for any breakage or loss of any item while in transit.
  • Choose the company that offers you complete coverage in case of any loss or breakage of your belongings.

Final words

  • Consider all the above points in mind and thoroughly check about the reputation of a removal company, before you make your final choice.
  • It is not that a removalist who charges you a hefty amount will guarantee you an excellent service and safety of your belongings. Choose a company like Better Removalist Sunshine Coast, who offer excellent facilities for a nominal amount.
Keep all these points in mind and have a happy moving experience.