Relocating For Work? Here’s Your Moving Checklist

Relocating For Work? Here’s Your Moving Checklist

Oct 04, 2022 So you have just been offered a new job in another city. Don’t be scared because this is one of the most exciting opportunities for you to start a new life. With a total population of 346,648, Sunshine Coast is one of the most developed cities in Queensland, which offers great employment options, a lively atmosphere, the best residential development projects and cutting-edge infrastructure facilities. Of course, relocating for work can be hard, but you must make it for a better future. All you need is proper planning for safe and sound removals in Sunshine Coast. Luckily, your new company may offer you a moving package or some perks to help make your relocation more lucrative and easier. So, you need to negotiate the offer or make some important decisions. Make sure you look for a good neighbourhood, a suitable home, and a school for your kids before making the final decision. Here is a complete moving checklist that will help you get through the difficult phases without a hint of stress:

1. Do Research

This is one of the most important phases to help you stay organised throughout the process. Jot down tasks that need to be performed within a given timeframe. You need to mention everything from de-cluttering to arranging packing supplies, booking removalists in Sunshine Coast, and finding a new home to achieve desired outcomes.

2. Negotiate Moving Benefits

Many renowned employers have a good association with moving companies on Sunshine Coast that offer the best financial benefits, such as covering relocation expenses, closing costs and much more. So, it is good to negotiate benefits related to relocation if you make the most out of your decision. When relocating for a specific company, make sure you check with your benefits coordinator related to relocation services.

3. Find Out the Cost of Living

Relocating to a metropolitan city like Sunshine Coast requires proper research. It is important to know the cost of living. According to the reports, the average city living cost is $1808, which is quite expensive. You need to plan your financial resources before buying or relocating to a new place. If you are looking for an affordable option, move to the outer or surrounding suburbs, such as Kenilworth, Burnside, Nambour, Landsborough, etc. You can also look  for best suburbs to live in Sunshine Coast for working professionals.

4. Find A Suitable Home

Search for community profiles in a new city if you want a friendly neighbourhood for your new home. It is good to do thorough research about the local property market, or you can reach out to a reliable real estate agent to find your type of residential property. They can help you find a suitable home or cottage in an ideal location close to your new office. Make sure you find a home where you can get the best local amenities, nearby schools, parks, playgrounds, healthcare centres and entertainment hubs. Do not forget to inspect the property before moving in or signing the buying deal.

5. Book Good Removalists Sunshine Coast

Relocating household items is challenging because some possessions are prone to damage. It is important to do proper research, ask for recommendations and book experienced removalists in Sunshine Coast. Make sure they can relocate your large furniture pieces, delicate items and other stuff safely and soundly. They will do the work and save you time and energy. You can utilise that time and know more about your new company.

6. Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Make sure you de-clutter your rooms and start the process by purging out unwanted items. You can make a list of things you no longer need. This includes old furniture, clothes, gym equipment, and electronic appliances. Organise a garage sale to earn some extra dollars and eliminate items you don’t need.

7. Arrange Necessary Packing Supplies

If you are packing stuff on your own, arrange all the necessary supplies, such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, boxes, moving blankets, etc.

8. Start the Packing Process

Wrap up the items that you don’t use on a regular basis. This includes off-seasonal clothes, extra shoes, socks, etc. Start the process at least 6 weeks before your moving day. You can also hire professionals to pack your soft furnishings, delicate items and other large pieces.

9. Update Your Address

Make sure you pick up the date you want to begin forwarding your mail. You need to update the new address at a local post office in Sunshine Coast.

10. Build a Network in a New Place

Start meeting like-minded people via events and community programs. You can also build a network by meeting people in the same industry or field. This will help you settle in a new place without any stress. You can also explore the best places in the city so that you can take your kids and change their mind and mood.


Relocating for work can be challenging, but these tips and a moving checklist will make things easy for you. If you want the safety of your items, book reliable people for safe removals in Sunshine Coast and focus more on your new company, job profile and other key aspects.