Questions To Ask To Avoid Working With Bad Removal Companies

Questions To Ask To Avoid Working With Bad Removal Companies

Oct 13, 2020 Sunshine Coast is a rapidly growing city of Queensland reckoned for its thriving economy, high standard of living and a host of work opportunities. People across Queensland (46%) and other states (28%) migrate to Sunshine Coast for these and a variety of other reasons. Since 2006 the population growth of the city has been 99.8% due to net migration. This inflow of people combined with people moving locally has led to an increase in the demand of professionals who perform removals in Sunshine Coast. The demand has caused mushrooming of removals companies, many of which promise to provide excellent services at affordable prices. If you are planning to move to a new house finding the right removals company in Sunshine Coast can get confusing. During this time, it is common to choose the wrong people for managing the moving of your belongings. Read on to know questions to ask to avoid working with a bad removals company.

Is the Company Registered?

It is the first question to ask while selecting a removals company in Sunshine Coast. Registered companies are legally required to meet certain criteria such as setting up a registered office, creating and maintaining a business name, updating ASIC on significant changes and much more. After asking the company about their registration status you can look at ASIC’s registers for the company or business name to double-check. Don’t make the mistake of booking an unregistered removals company as it is risky and they can defraud you.

What is the Company’s Market Reputation?

There are several key factors through which you can determine a company’s online and offline reputation. Through this question, you can learn about an organisation’s vision/mission, financial performance, services, social responsibility, and client feedback. Good removals companies in Sunshine Coast work to serve the clients, provide reliable services, maintain financial stability and have happy clients. On the other hand, bad companies lack all these, and it is usually apparent their reputation is not up to the mark when an online and office research of their business or company name is done.

What are the Company’s Insurance Policies?

While removalists are packing and moving property contents, injuries and accidents requiring medical attention may happen. Therefore, it is essential to know if the company provides insurance to its employees. If the removalists are hired on a contract basis by the company, then ask if they are insured. In addition to this, inquire what the company’s insurance policies are if any damage to the contents or the property happens during the removals process. Established removals companies in Sunshine Coast have insurance through which they provide limited liability cover to the clients without extra charges. This coverage is minimal, but if required, the companies arrange for clients to have better insurance coverage via a third party company.

What are the Company’s Policies on Refunds, Cancellations, and Rescheduling?

To avoid working with an inflexible company, it is essential to ask each organisation you are considering about their refund, cancellation and rescheduling policies. Most reputed companies offering removals in Sunshine Coast give refunds of the booking amount upon cancellation within a 24-48 hours. Their process is user-friendly which ensures customer doesn’t have any problems in case they have to cancel bookings. In addition, good companies have experienced removalists lined up, making it easier for them to reschedule in case your moving date has shifted. With bad removals companies, you can have issues getting refunds upon cancellations. In addition, they may not have the network to reschedule booking, which is not good if you have to change your moving plans due to unforeseen circumstances.

Are the Company’s Removalists Trained and Experienced?

Inquiring about the qualifications and experience of a company’s removalists is crucial to ensure they can manage the movement of your belongings without losing or damaging them. The removalists who will enter your house and move your things need to have training and knowledge. Many unregistered and new removals companies in Sunshine Coast hire freelancing and inexperienced people for packing and moving belongings of clients. These removalists are not professional, and neither it is safe to let them handle the tasks. Therefore, to avoid getting stuck with removalists without proper training, skills, and expertise, it is essential to ask about the credentials of a company’s removalists. Please don’t book a removals company that doesn’t share its removalists’ work experience and other required information to judge their capabilities.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a challenging and stressful process which is why most people prefer experienced removalists in Sunshine Coast to handle the packing and transportation of their belongings. Experts are hired to help save time and energy, but if the wrong company is chosen to manage your move, then it can become a problem. Therefore, ask the questions mentioned above to avoid working with a bad removals company.