How to Properly Declutter your Residential Property
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How to Properly Declutter your Residential Property

Oct 11, 2017 To de-clutter is something which is well said than done. We often make a resolution to get rid of things we no longer need but when it comes to actual grounds, parting away from our belongings becomes tough. Love for things overshadows the reasoning, and the purpose behind the whole process is defeated. But if you are moving, it becomes necessary to sort things you don’t need and dispose of them as packing and moving unnecessary items will be a waste of time and money. However, you can take help from an experienced Removalist in Sunshine Coast, but the decision has to be made by you. If you wish to declutter, this article might prove helpful to you.

Motivate and reason yourself

First of all, tell yourself why you wish to declutter. If you are relocating, you have a good reason to get rid of extra stuff you do not need anymore and this should be on top priority of your moving checklist. Next you should analyse, is it that you don’t have enough space for so many things or you feel that everything is getting messier and you are not able to manage things anymore? Maybe you wish to move out or are redesigning and want latest things to take over. Reasons can be many, but the primary purpose is to get a flow of positivity in your house.

Take Action

Now, when you had reasoned and motivated yourself, start to figure out things you no longer need.

Bedroom First

Start with your bedroom first. Make a list of dresses, shoes and other items you haven’t worn since last two seasons or the ones which do not fit you anymore, but you have kept them because they were expensive or gifted by a loved one. You need to understand that these things are occupying a more valuable space in your closet.Gift them to someone who would appreciate it or donate them to a local charity and bring a smile on someone’s face.

Electrical Items

Find out all the electrical items sitting ideal in your secret drawers and check them if they are still functional. Things like tangled mobile chargers, some old LED lights, earphones with missing earlobes etc. should be discarded away immediately.These things bring a lot of negativity and confusion to your life. Also check for some old remotes, watches, wall clocks etc. and get rid of them.


People who are ardent readers love to keep stacks of books in their stores. If you have a separate study and organised shelves, then it’s a great idea. But if these books keep gathering dust all over the house, you should think of getting rid of them immediately. Ideally, you don’t read a book twice, but if you are a compulsive reader, you may give it another read. So, make a choice and donate the books you are not going to read any-more to a public library or gift them to someone who shares the same passion.

Countertops And Shelves

Flat surfaces like countertops, shelves etc. are filled with mail, bills, magazines, small appliances etc. Sort out the relevant documents like telephone bills, electricity bills warranty cards etc. and keep them in the organiser, where they are easy to find. Also remove small things like pencil boxes, CD’s or magazines etc and arrange them into the drawers.


The kitchen is the place where you spend a lot of time. It is essential to keep kitchen shelves clear for smooth operation. Clear everything off your kitchen counters except some essential items like a coffee maker or knife block or maybe a juicer. Unless you bake every day, store your baking supplies away in a cabinet or on a shelf. Storage bags, cling wrap, cleaning supplies should be arranged in drawers, and things like knives or aluminium foil can be kept in holders mounted on kitchen walls. Again, get rid of broken pieces of mugs, cutlery, strainers etc. and give away utensils or appliances which are no longer in use. This will help you have an eco-friendly move, creating less waste and thus in your own way you can contribute towards the environment.


Try to follow these simple tricks and get rid of all the extra baggage. Just keep in mind, things which are a waste for you can be valuable for someone else. So, feel the joy of giving and make way for the flow of positive energy.