Proper Lifting Techniques For Moving Heavy Furniture

Proper Lifting Techniques For Moving Heavy Furniture

Nov 27, 2020 Home relocation processes are always associated with lifting heavy furniture and boxes. The items like a piano, upholstery furniture, dining table and electronic appliances need proper equipment and right technique for an injury-free lifting. You need to take extra care of your much-loved belongings as well as your body during the transition process. Instead of doing it alone, you can ask your friends to assist you in carrying heavy household items. For a hassle-free experience, you should opt for professionals who can use proper lifting techniques to give you safe and sound removals in Sunshine Coast. They come fully-equipped with the latest tools and use proper methods to keep your possessions intact throughout the journey. Whether you are moving next to the apartment or across the new city, make sure you know how to carry heavy-weight items without hurting yourself or causing damage to the belonging. Fortunately, we have got a list of proper lifting techniques that will make it easy for you to move heavy furniture and boxes without any injury or accident. If you are relocating on your own, consider the following techniques:

1. Preparation is a Key

Don’t get excited about lifting your expensive furniture without any preparation. Planning is one of the best ways to avoid unexpected situations, silly mistakes and accidents. So, make sure you do the following things:

Clear the Exit Path

Remove all the obstacles present on the exit paths if you don’t want to cause any damage or personal injury during the lifting process. Remove dust, debris, water, snow, etc outside your house as well.

Wear Proper Shoes

Having comfortable footwear will give you a sense of protection and make it easy for you to move while carrying heavyweight items. Closed shoes with rubber soles are ideal for such tasks.

Take Assistance

Ask your friends to help you in lifting heavy furniture and moving boxes because doing it alone is a risky job. Request them to assist you in the moving process, and you can promise to return the favour whenever they needed. If they are not available, contact the best moving company in Sunshine Coast for the utmost safety of your household belongings.

2. Take Measurement

Don’t forget to take the measurement of all your household furniture you are planning to move to the new house. The purpose is to ensure that they will fit through the doorways easily without causing any damages or leaving scratches behind. If you overlook this step, you will end up wasting time. After planning your home relocation, the next step is to get the dimensions of each piece of your household furniture that are super-bulky and heavyweight.

3. Focus on Stability in Your Pose

There is no denying the fact that carrying oversized items need right lifting tools, such as moving dolly, etc. But, you need proper techniques as well to avoid personal injury. It is always good to keep a wide as well as stable base with your feet before picking heavy objects up. Make sure you keep your feet slightly apart with one foot slightly forward. This will distribute the weight of the object you are lifting across the body without putting pressure on one particular part like shoulders or back.

4. Use of Proper Back Posture is Important

Believe it or not! Wrong lifting techniques can lead to a serious back injury. It is imperative to alleviate the risk of physical injury because you can’t afford it while moving to a new house with your family. Make sure you use the right back posture by keeping your back straight, shoulders slightly back and look straight ahead. Your upper back should be aligned straight while lifting heavy furniture from the floor. It is good to use quality packaging materials when wrapping your furniture pieces, especially sharp edges as it will protect your walls and doors from scratches and scuffs. Tapes and protection blankets can prevent your expensive furniture from minor to major damages.

5. Grip Your Furniture Tightly

Having a firm grip is a vital part of a proper lifting technique. It is always difficult to carry heavy objects without the right tools, proper posture and good gripping. So, wear work gloves so that you can hold objects without harming your fingers and hands during the lifting process. Quick Tip: Keep the doors open and remove all the obstacles while moving your furniture. This will minimise the risks of accidents and ensures the maximum level of safety.

6. Bend Your Knees Instead of Back

Professionally trained removalists in Sunshine Coast use right lifting methods because they have years of experience in moving homes and offices from one place to another without causing any damage. If you are doing it without any professional assistance, then focus on proper lifting techniques. Make sure you bend your knees instead of your back while picking heavy furniture and packed boxes. This is a basic yet crucial hack as it let you use the strong muscles to carry out the job without putting pressure on the muscles of your back.

7. Keep Belongings Close to Your Body

Always keep heavy boxes close to your body- in the centre of your body to avoid personal injury. This will also give you a stable pose because the object will stay close to gravity’s centre. So, keep this trick in mind while upholding heavy boxes and other items.

8. Do Not Twist your Back

Never twist or bend your back when you have heavy objects in your hand. Instead, turn your hips at the waist and move your feet if you want to turn with your load. Be careful because most people harm themselves and also damage precious possessions.


Relocating a house can be a very stressful process, and lifting heavy furniture and boxes makes it even more challenging. That’s why it is important to consider proper lifting techniques because it can prevent you from unwanted scratches, damages and personal injuries. Hopefully, this article helped you in knowing the right methods while moving bulky and heavy household belongings. For a hassle-free experience, hire trained people who can offer you the secure removals in Sunshine Coast at the best price.