Post-Move Checklist: Guide For Settling Into New Home
entire family inside of a new house

Post-Move Checklist: Guide For Settling Into New Home

Sep 14, 2021 Relocating is never easy as it impacts your daily life and the process is usually mentally and physically taxing. You can make it bearable by planning every aspect of it thoroughly. While planning a move, people focus on completing moving tasks before the move, but you must also concentrate on post-move chores as it makes you settle in the new house quickly. Therefore, besides booking a removal service in Sunshine Coast, decluttering and packing, prepare for things you need to do upon reaching your new abode. Have a look at this post-move checklist by experts to streamline all tasks according to importance and urgency.

Check Utilities

Before moving, you must complete the formalities to set up utilities like gas, water, electricity and internet at your new residence. They should be running on the day you arrive, which is why you need to check them first post-move. In case any utility supply is not available, call the concerned authority immediately to know the reason for the delay and fix any problem.

Inspect The Property

For tenants performing property inspection after moving is vital to determine it is in the same state as mentioned in the property condition report. When you pay a bond, the landlord has to share copies of the entry condition report, which you can edit if anything is amiss. During your inspect take pictures and videos for reference, as they will come in handy when you have to move out and prepare an exit condition report.

Clean Then Disinfect Boxes, Furniture & Other Items

Since the pandemic, it is crucial to maintain optimum hygiene and sanitise things to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Whether you managed a DIY move or hired professional removalists in Sunshine Coast, wipe and disinfect all the boxes, furniture and other household items before taking them inside your home.

Unpack Essentials First

As a rule, you should always unpack room-by-room to open boxes of frequently-used areas like the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. By unpacking items of these rooms first, you speed up the settling process because you have the necessary things for resting, cooking and refreshing. Once the bedroom and other important rooms are unpacked, move to other areas later with ease. Note: You can take the assistance of removal experts in Sunshine coast to help you unpack your belongings without hassle or stress.

Check Your Belongings For Damage/Loss

If you hired removal experts in Sunshine Coast to move your property contents, make sure to inspect every box to see if any item is missing or damaged. Doing this is important in case there is an issue, and you need to file a claim.

Clean Your Home

Property owners usually ensure the previous tenants clean and sanitise the property before moving out. Even previous homeowners who sell the property ensure it is neat and presentable before the deed of the house/unit is signed and handed over. However, you still have to check every corner of the property for cleanliness and perform necessary tasks such as dusting, mopping the floors, vacuuming etc.

Manage Change Of Address Tasks

Some change of address tasks you need to complete before moving, but many you can manage post-move. Therefore, after settling in your new home, ensure your address is updated everywhere to receive your mail, subscribed goods, newspapers, magazines and other things at the right place. If you haven’t already, change your address at banks, insurance agencies, and other important government or non-government authorities.

Change The Locks & Set Up Security System

Changing the locks and installing security systems is extremely important after moving because they are crucial for maintaining privacy and safety. Homeowners should hire professional locksmiths to change the locks & set up a security system. The tenant can ask the landlord for the same or get written permission to do it themselves.

Acquaint Yourself With Neighbours

After unpacking essential items and settling in your new house, interact with your neighbours to make new friends after moving. Plus, acquainting yourself with community members is vital to have a sense of belonging and adjusting to a new environment, especially if you have a family or plan to start one.

Go Shopping

Since you cannot move perishable goods and several other food items or drinks, you should go shopping post-move to stock your pantry. It will also help you to familiarise yourself with the store and supermarket near you. Additionally, you should get furniture, appliances and home decor items after moving because you can get things according to need and space. Shopping for household things post-move is wise and practical as you don’t increase the packing or moving load for your hired removal experts in Sunshine Coast.


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed after moving is natural because you still have to manage things to settle in the new home. It can get confusing if you don’t pay attention and streamline your work. Therefore, use the checklist shared above to know which post-move tasks you should focus on and complete promptly to enjoy living in your new home.