How To Plan Your Packing Budget When Moving?
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How To Plan Your Packing Budget When Moving?

Mar 18, 2020 Relocation is a daunting task that requires a lot of time, efforts, and organising skills. But most importantly, it requires a budget, particularly for the packing supplies. People often miscalculate their packing budget and at the end, pay way more than what was estimated. This happens because people overlook the essential factors that can influence the packing budget. This is why it is advisable to hire professionals who include all the packing supplies in their charges. However, if you concentrate on some crucial points, you can also prepare a tight packing budget and save a lot of money during the relocation. Here are a few ways to plan your packing budget when moving. Have a look!

Analyse Your Moving Approach

When you are planning your packing budget, the most important thing is to decide how you are moving. You can either choose to relocate on your own or hire professional removalists who can make your removals in Sunshine Coast easy. Let’s look at both the situations one by one.

1. Moving using DIY methods

If you want to move without taking any professional help, then you will have to arrange all your moving supplies. To get packing supplies for a solo move, you can purchase it from a professional removals company or buy them from any nearby store in Sunshine Coast. Experts believe that the professional companies provide the utmost quality packing supplies, so you should always opt for their material. It may seem like packing your belongings is a quick and easy task, but it is actually a time-consuming and arduous procedure. So, it is good to arrange the packing supplies at least a week before wrapping your belongings. Make a list of materials you need such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, different sizes of boxes, heavy-duty plastics and much more. If you are running out of budget or want to save money, then use blankets, bed sheets instead of bubble wraps. Similarly, ask your local grocery store or liquor shop to provide you cardboard boxes so that you don’t need to buy new ones. This is how you can save money and keep your packing budget under control.

2. Moving with Professionals

Whether it is packing, loading, or transport, professional removalists can handle all the tasks perfectly. They take care of the packing and allow you to focus on other essential aspects of the moving process. The experts concentrate on every minute details and make sure that your belongings are properly packed and loaded. If you don’t know how to pack any specific item or don’t have enough time for the packing, hiring removalists can be beneficial for you. This is a significant factor that can make an impact on your packing budget.

Analyse the Factors That Can Influence the Price of Packing

Once you have decided your moving procedure, it is time to look into the factors that can affect the price of your packing. Before planning your budget, it important to know how many items you need to pack and how you are going to get the packing supplies.

1. The Number of items you need to pack

Your packing budget is directly related to the number of belongings you need to move. The more things you have, the more packing supplies you will require. And that will increase the budget. Thus, experts believe that you should declutter your home before making a move. This will help you to execute your furniture removals in Sunshine Coast in a stress-free manner. Make a list of items that you don’t use anymore, or you will not require in your new house. These items include books, magazines, gym and sports equipment, cycle, furniture, decorative items, clothes, shoes, small appliances, electronic items, and so on. You can either sell these items in a garage sale or donate them to some charities in Sunshine Coast. Just make sure that you are not wasting your packing supplies on these things.

2. How You Are Getting your packing Supplies

The way you are getting your packing supplies can also affect your packing budget. You can either purchase them, rent them or make efforts to get them for free. For instance, you can contact a nearby grocery store or liquor store for small moving boxes. They have hundreds of these boxes which they don’t need. So, you can get these boxes and use it to pack your belongings. Also, you can minimise the purchase of packing material like bubble wrap and replace it with blankets and towels. Consider these points when you are planning your packing budget.

Make a List of Packing Supplies That You Will Require

If you are hiring professionals, you can expect a hassle-free removal in Sunshine Coast. They will bring along all kinds of moving boxes you need to pack your belonging. However, if you are moving on your own, you will have to purchase or rent moving boxes. For a well-organised packing, you will need all types of boxes. These boxes include large, medium and small boxes, wardrobe boxes, standing lamp boxes, television and mirror boxes, dish packs and custom crates. You would also require packing papers, labels, markers, stretch wrap, tapes, and so on. Prepare a checklist with all the packing supplies you will need and use it to plan your packing budget.


People often spend more money during their relocation process because they don’t prepare a proper budget. Thus, it is essential to make a budget, especially for packing, and stick to it. The next time you plan to relocate, consider the useful ways as mentioned above to prepare your packing budget.