How to Pack Antiques and Collectibles?
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How to Pack Antiques and Collectibles?

Jul 05, 2018 When it comes to safe and secure moving, make sure you pack all of your household belongings, especially antiques and valuable collectibles carefully. The precious and expensive items such as vases, glassware, ceramic item, jewellery, etc. need an extra shield of protection during the moving process. Since they are delicate and can easily get damaged, ensure that you prepare them for a journey using best materials. You can take help from your friends or even hire the best Sunshine Coast Removalist who can assist you with safe and quality packing. In case, you are engaged in DIY packing and want to ensure safe removal, below are the smart tricks that will help you pack your valuable antiques and collectibles like a pro. Let’s get started!

1. Create an Inventory of Antiques

The challenge of moving a house may annoy you, especially when it comes to relocating expensive antiques and other collectibles safely. Since they are super-delicate, make sure you use best packing techniques and materials that can protect them from damages. So, the first step is to create an inventory of all the antique items you are moving to the new residence. It is good to start with the large items, such as dining room tables, an art piece, etc. It recommended hiring Sunshine Coast’s best removalists that can lift your expensive and heavy belongings with superior delicacy. If you are packing it yourself, ensure that you take a picture of each item for your records and add it to your moving checklist. After that, measure the sides of each item so that you can arrange custom-made crates for easy relocation. In case of smaller antiques like collectives, jewellery and other precious collections, take a photograph of each of them and add it into your inventory list.

2. Get Official Appraisals

Before jumping into the packing process, you need to have your highly-priced valuables appraised in order to get compensation for damage (if something goes wrong during the transit). All you need to do is to hire a reliable appraiser via your insurance agent or a bank official to get an appraisal. Tip: Don’t forget to photograph your items as a proof that they are in excellent condition before the move.

3. Arrange high Quality Packing Materials

When it comes to moving boxes, wrapping papers and other packing stuff, it is good to opt for high-quality supplies. Look for a company in Sunshine Coast that can offer you best quality of materials such as bubble wraps, packing paper, packing tape, etc. at the most affordable price. Make sure you arrange them prior to your packing process if you want to experience hassle-free relocation. Tip: Instead of wasting your money on expensive boxes, use second-hand corrugated boxes. You can borrow from your family members or friends who may have recently relocated.

4. Wrapping is Important

Packing antique items is one of those tasks that need smart packing tricks. Since most of antiques have pieces and parts, they can easily get dismantled if you want to wrap them for a secure move. That’s why the first layer of packing plays a key role in keeping your item safe and secure. For porous stuff such as antique, books, and artwork, use a non-acidic archival tissue. For glassware and wood, make sure you use foam or stretch wrap. Don’t forget to wrap edges and corners of your object. Packing experts in Sunshine Coast usually use bubble wrap and packing paper to provide extra protection to the delicate items during the transit. Tip: It is good to wrap smaller items such as jewellery and other delicate items in vibrant coloured papers to prevent them from getting lost in the box.

5. Provide a Protective Shell

The outermost layer of your packing protects your precious antiques from damages during the transition process. If you are packing your antiques on your own, make sure you buy wooden crates to store all of your antiques during the moving process. It not only provides an extra layer of protection but also gives you peace of mind. Tip: Instead of DIY packing, it is ideal to hire a reliable moving company in Sunshine Coast that can provide you with comprehensive and quality packing solutions at competitive prices.

6. Fill Empty Spaces

If there is space inside your moving boxes even after putting all your antiques, make sure you fill in their hollow sides with crunched newspapers. Don’t put your items such as vases, ceramic objects and glasses in a box that has space as it could create damage during the lifting or moving process. Tip: It is recommended to place antiques in the boxes surrounded by bubble wraps and foam peanuts. It ensures the safety of your valuable items throughout the relocation process.

7. Label your Boxes

Don’t forget to label your boxes especially that contain breakable items. You can write ‘Fragile Items’ or ‘Antiques’ on the box with a permanent market. Use the top and two sides of each box for labelling. You want to ensure that your writing will be visible on at least one side of your box. This will also make things organised for you.


Antiques have both monetary and emotional values, and that’s the reason why it is imperative to give extra care while packing them during the transit. With the assistance of these packing tips and your shortlisted Sunshine Coast Removalists, you will be able to protect your antiques from damages during transit.