Do You Need To Get Home Or Renters Insurance Before Moving?
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Do You Need To Get Home Or Renters Insurance Before Moving?

Nov 29, 2019 Relocation is a risky business. It includes packing, loading, unloading, transport, and unpacking of all your belongings. Whether you own a home or you rent, moving may cause you to incur irreparable damages, and you must have a home or renter’s insurance for recovering losses. Having homeowner’s insurance secures your house and the house’s content whereas, having renter’s insurance covers all the personal property inside the rented house. Today, most landlords, loan providers, and reputed removalists companies in Sunshine Coast ask for these insurances. Therefore, if you ask ‘Do you need to home or renters insurance before moving?’, the answer is yes.

What is the Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and Renters Insurance?

When you purchase a homeowners insurance, you wish to secure the property you own and all the belongings inside. When you buy renter’s insurance, you pay for the coverage of the house contents that belong to you while you rent someone else’s owned & insured property. Homeowners insurance costs more than renters insurance as the claims are more significant. Renters insurance is easier and cheaper, but homeowners insurance has greater liability coverage. If you are renting, then seeking a tenant with renters insurance is prudent. If you are renting a property in Sunshine Coast, it is wise to choose a landlord with home insurance. Whether you are a renter or property owner, it is best to have insurance if you plan to move, as renowned removalist companies in Sunshine Coast prefer clients with home or renters insurance. Believe it or not! Many homeowners insurance policies come with personal property coverage and is becoming popular landlords who need their renters to buy renters insurance. No matter how often you move home, make sure you have insurance coverage against the damage of your belongings.

Why Do You Need Renters Insurance?

One of the primary reasons is that most owners letting properties, ask for it. Also, when you move frequently, it becomes essential to have insurance coverage. Even reputed removalists inquire about your insurance status when you book them. Renters insurance covers damage or loss of personal goods due to theft, fire, specific natural disasters, vandalism, water or electricity, explosions or impacts and other named perils. It is a common misconception that the landlord’s insurance covers the renters. Due to this ignorance, many people who rent properties don’t get covers for their belongings. The policies of insurance enable the renter to claim reimbursement for items that were lost, damaged or stolen. Having renters insurance makes you a desirable candidate for property owners, as it absolves them from the responsibilities of lost or stolen properties of the tenant.

Why Do You Need Homeowners Insurance?

Buying home insurance is a necessity for people who have a mortgage. If you are planning to purchase a property and need to take a loan, most loan lenders prefer candidates with homeowners insurance. Even if a mortgage does not bind you, having home insurance is vital to cover your property and all your belongings in it. Most homeowners insurances cover interior and exterior damages. You can get coverage for your home and additional coverage for personal articles. You must pay the premium according to the replacement cost of the house and the insured item inside. Also, make sure you inquire about your insurance policies in cases of acts of God or war. General home insurances don’t cover damages due to natural disasters like earthquakes or floods, war attacks etc. Believe it or not! Many homeowners insurance policies come with personal property coverage and is becoming popular landlords who need their renters to buy renters insurance. No matter how often you move home, make sure you have insurance coverage against the damage of your belongings.

Is Moving Covered by Home or Renter’s Insurance?

The simple answer is not necessarily. Although the insurances cover your belongings and damages to it, the insurance policies may or may not extend to damages sustained while your personal belongings were in transit. You may be able to claim replacement costs in case of theft, vandalism or a specially named peril. Therefore, if you are a frequent mover or thinking of getting a home or renters insurance before moving, make sure you get additional coverage. Talk to the insurance agent regarding your need to include plans to safeguard your belongings before and after moving. Also, When you book a removalists, search for one that offers moving insurance for its clients. Most removalists in Sunshine Coast offer third-party moving insurance plans. But some companies have personal insurance plans that can help secure your belongings while in transit. If you feel the moving insurance by your selected removalist is not enough, get an additional moving insurance plan along with the home or renters insurance you have or are in the process of purchasing.

Is a Home or Renters Insurance Valid if You Move Locally or Interstate?

Most homeowners and renters insurances are valid when you move within your state. However, you may have to make changes to your plans if you have to move interstate. Home and renters insurance will offer on-premise and may provide restricted off-premise coverage, so before you move, make sure you get an insurance that has desired coverage plans including one for moving locally or interstate. Even if your insurance plan covers your moving insurance, it would be in your best interest to know what kind of damage or loss protection your selected removalist company in Sunshine Coast offers.

How to Apply for a Homeowner or Renters Insurance?

For starters, make a list of all your needs and insurance requirements. Research and look at the insurance coverage plans available for homeowners or renters. You will need to calculate the total value of your house and assets inside it. Once you complete self-assessment and calculation, you will need to choose an insurance company. You can call professionals from different organisations to give assessments and chart out the policies. You can then select a company according to the premium amount, coverage policies, additional plans etc. After choosing the company, complete the application and provide all the necessary documents. Most companies offer customised solutions, which will enable you to fine-tune your insurance. Following the completion of all the formalities, you can start paying the premium for the insurance you have. Most insurance companies provide discounts & deals to clients who install systems or take precautionary measures to reduce the risk for the insurance company.

Do You Need Renters Insurance When You Move to a New Home?

If you are renting the new home in the same state, then you can continue with your existing renters insurance as it only covers your personal property such as clothes, upholstery, electronics etc. A standard insurance plan offers liability coverage, as well. If you move to a new state, then you will have to make changes to your existing insurance. Talk to the company’s representatives about their policies regarding interstate moves. In case you are purchasing a new home and have renters insurance, talk to the representative about the termination of renters insurance and how you can buy homeowners insurance.


Purchasing a homeowners or renters insurance is imperative in today’s time. It is your safety net, and it gives you the liberty to move from one property to another with ease. So, if you are about to move to a new property, it is best to get an insurance plan because landlords, removals in Sunshine Coast, or loan providers might ask for it. Also, you will have more property options to choose, and you will be able to plan your stay knowing your property (if you are the owner) and your personal property will be protected.