Moving Tips: How To Set Up Utilities, Cable And Internet

Moving Tips: How To Set Up Utilities, Cable And Internet

Feb 04, 2022 Moving house is challenging for everyone because you have to manage a host of activities like packing, changing your address, transporting property contents safely etc. Among these tasks setting up the gas, water, electricity, cable, and internet are crucial to live comfortably in the new house. Without the basic utilities at a residential property, even professionals conducting removals in Sunshine Coast have difficulties unloading and unpacking your belongings. Therefore, you must ensure the utility connections are set and functioning on the moving day. Here is your complete guide outlining everything you must know for setting utilities, cable and internet in your new home.

Make A Checklist

Creating a checklist will help you streamline the process of setting utilities, as you can prioritise the tasks according to importance and urgency. For example, ensuring the electricity and water supply are on is more important than having cable or internet on the day you arrive at your new residence.

Discontinue or Transfer Utilities

You need to contact the existing providers to inform them about your intention to discontinue or transfer the services before setting up new utilities. If a utility provider has a nationwide network, you can ask for a transfer of utilities to your new address and change or keep the plan you have already. You can also decide to discontinue your current service and avail it from a new utility provider for better service, cheaper rates, or other reasons.

Find The Right Energy Plans

A house move is an excellent opportunity to find and change your energy plans to reduce your electricity and gas bills and enjoy other benefits. Use the Energy Made Easy platform by the Australian government to look at different energy plans available at the location you are moving to. The Energy Made Easy is a free service available for residents of Queensland, meaning whether you are moving within Sunshine Coast or its suburbs, getting the information via the platform is possible. Since the energy companies (retailers) are bound by law to provide details and data related to every plan for their customers, you can get reliable information to make an informed decision.

Know Your Water & Sewerage Service Provider

Similar to finding a good plan for electricity and gas, you must do your research about service providers to get water for your home. Unitywater provides water and sewerage services in Sunshine Coast and its suburbs as they come under the South East Queensland region. It purchases water from the Queensland Government’s mass water authority – Seqwater. Local councils and other providers supply water to other regions of the SEQ and areas outside it in the state. Having a reliable utility service is vital to pay and regulate bills, troubleshoot problems and get water subsidy if you are eligible.

Contact Your Cable & Internet Providers

Before moving to a new home, get in touch with your cable and internet providers to know whether they can offer their services in the region you are relocating to. Sunshine Coast has a host of TV cable providers offering access to multiple channels in English and other languages. Additionally, internet service providers also offer connectivity at different speeds. You must inform the provider about the house move to get their technician to uninstall the set-top box or internet modem from your current home and install it at the new home. These boxes might remain the same, or the technician will change them depending on your plan. If you choose to get a new provider for cable or internet, make sure you discontinue the previous plan and settle the bills to avoid inconvenience after moving.

Don’t Delay The Tasks

Once the moving date is set and you have provided the notice for ending a lease agreement, give a head start to the process of discontinuing/transferring and setting up utilities, cable and internet. The research and procedures can take weeks, and without starting early, you can lose precious time and face the inconvenience of not having utilities set up before you move into the new house. Thus, start transferring, cancelling and setting utilities, cable and internet while finding a good removal company in Sunshine Coast.

Check The Utilities, Cable & Internet Connections

After arriving at your new home, inspect it to ensure the electricity, water, gas and sewerage services are on. There is always scope for error or miscommunication when transferring previous services or setting up new ones. Turn on a light, flush the toilet and ignite the stove burners to ensure the necessary utilities are working. Additionally, schedule the technician to establish the internet and cable networks on the moving day and connect to them immediately to ensure they are working properly. You can manage these tasks while your hired removal experts in Sunshine Coast move your belongings, unload the moving truck, and start the unpacking process.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new house is a great opportunity for you to choose a new plan for utilities, cable and internet. You can reduce your bills and opt for a new utility provider if you are unhappy with the previous one. Setting up utilities is less stressful when you plan and start the process early. Therefore, besides hiring a good removal company in Sunshine Coast, use the insights shared above to have electricity, gas, water, cable & other services up and running at your new home on the moving day.