Moving Faqs: Get Answers To Your Most Burning Questions

Moving Faqs: Get Answers To Your Most Burning Questions

Feb 05, 2024

Moving from one home to another is a complex process. Despite creating a detailed plan, you might have doubts and second thoughts leading to your moving day.

This can build up your stress levels and affect your mental health. The best way is to clear all your doubts to make a well-informed decision. Whether you are moving to a new home next to the apartment or across the state, keep the stress in the backseat and prepare for the big change, which can bring new opportunities.

Fret not! We have compiled a list of the most burning questions with their answers regarding home relocation. This can help you prepare for a safe and sound journey without stress.

1. What is the Right Time to Relocate Home?

People across the globe relocate home for various reasons. Some move to get better job opportunities, while some want a bigger house for a growing family.

So, the ideal time for a house move may vary depending on the reasons. But it is always recommended to move during an off-season. This will help you get more flexibility when scheduling a moving date with professional removalists Sunshine Coast. Plus, moving in the off-season can help you save a lot of money and the stress of jam-packed roads.

However, if you are moving for a job, ask your employer and move at least a week before your joining date.

2. Have I Saved Enough Funds For a Move?

This can be a burning question for most people, especially families with kids and pets. There is no denying that relocating home is the most expensive undertakes.

So, it is always good to create an estimated moving budget to track your expenses from scratch. Also, keep a close check on your expenditures, savings and mortgage when making financial decisions, like buying or renting a new home, investing in packing materials, buying expensive furniture, etc.

3. How Will I or My Family Adapt to the New Place?

This can be a serious problem if moving from a city to a small town or vice versa. Leaving the old place and adopting a new culture and living standard can be challenging. If you have a similar thought in your mind, then do proper research about your new neighbourhood.

You should visit the new home before the final moving day. Take your family, especially kids and pets, with you. You can also make a list of the best tourist destinations with your family. This will create a curiosity about the new place until you relocate.

4. Can I Manage a DIY Move?

Of course, nothing is impossible, but it can be challenging when preparing everything on your own. A DIY move may give you control and authority in managing all steps, from de-cluttering to packing and deciding the moving date, but it also poses a lot of financial risk.

A self-move is a good option if:

  • You already have a moving experience
  • A couple of good friends or family to lift heavy objects
  • Relocating next to the street
  • Moving with non-specialty items

Be ready to pay for packing supplies, transportation, fuel and other hidden costs when moving on your own. Plus, you may encounter serious injuries when lifting heavy boxes and sharp objects.

Here are the tips to prevent injuries when moving heavy furniture and objects.

5. What is the Cost of Hiring Movers?

professional mover loading a moving van

Nothing can be more challenging than answering this question. Though hiring experienced removalists Sunshine Coast is the best decision to keep belongings intact, you may face financial burdens because of higher rates and hidden charges.

The price of a house move usually depends on the factors like:

  • Distance of your move
  • The volume of your belongings

Most moving companies in Australia will ask you detailed questions about your move, including:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Property size
  • Number of furniture pieces
  • Moving distance: Local, or interstate
  • Accessibility: Elevators, stairs, parking space, etc
  • Additional services needed: Packing, unpacking, storage,
  • Special items: pools, pianos and art pieces

They provide you with an estimated quote depending on these key factors or evaluations. So, it is good to get multiple quotes from different companies and choose the most reliable ones within your estimated budget.

6. How Do I Compare Removal Companies?

With so many options, it becomes quite difficult to pick the most suitable one. Many people fall prey to moving scams because of discounted rates. So, be alert and compare moving companies based on the following:

  • Experience in the moving industry
  • Professionalism
  • Vetted experts
  • Customer Service
  • Transparency in Pricing
  • Service Quality
  • Customer reviews and
  • Reliability

Ask for recommendations or referrals for your peace of mind.

7. When to Start the Packing Process? How to Pack Fragile Items?

Don’t procrastinate when preparing for a house move. Instead of waiting for the last few weeks, start packing your items as soon as you decide to relocate.

First, de-clutter your items and get rid of unwanted stuff. You can arrange the necessary packing supplies and start with seasonal items and decorations. Make sure you safely pack your electronic devices and also involve your kids and set a timeline to avoid last-minute chaos.

When it comes to packing fragile or breakables, you should use layers of padding such as bubble wrap and packing paper to give extra coverage. Also, label your boxes containing breakables.

It is good to book packing service for delicate or expensive items like a  pool table, dining table, piano, etc.

8. How to Protect My Belongings Through Insurance?

When you hire a moving company, you will get Basic Limited Liability Protection from a professional removalist. However, it will compensate only 60 cents per pound per item- which is almost nothing.

So, you can opt for Full Replacement Value Protection as a moving insurance. You will get a financial reimbursement if your items are lost or damaged during the move. It usually provides coverage based on replacement value.

The best option is opting for third-party insurance. This will provide all–inclusive coverage in case of damage or loss of your items during the process.

List of the most burning questions regarding home relocation:

Moving Faqs that you must know

Wrapping Up

These are the most relevant answers to the most burning questions related to house move. Keep a close eye on these FAQs and make a wise decision to ensure a safe, secure and hassle-free move.