Moving Day Advice: What To Do While Movers Are Moving

Moving Day Advice: What To Do While Movers Are Moving

Dec 29, 2021 Reducing stress and ensuring belongings reach the new house safely are prime goals for most people planning a house move. But they are easier said than done, as relocating is challenging, and you have to manage various tasks simultaneously. The process can overwhelm and strain even those who have packed and moved before, which is why hiring a reliable removal service in Sunshine Coast is a wise and practical solution. The professionals are qualified and certified to handle different household items and transport them without damage. Thus, book removalists in Sunshine Coast early to manage all or some aspects of the process when planning a house move. Additionally, do the following while the movers are moving.

1. Finish Decluttering & Packing

Get rid of trash and declutter the household as soon as the moving date is confirmed to decrease the handling/transporting load for your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast. Additionally, make sure you finish packing property contents a day before moving to ensure the professionals can do their work smoothly upon arrival. Don’t make the mistake of leaving packing things until the last minute, as it will cause delays and disrupt the schedule of your removalists.

2. Avoid Giving Orders To Removalist’s

While your hired movers are handling and moving your belongings remain polite and out of their way. Avoid the urge to give orders or tell the professionals how they should complete a task, as it is insubordinate and unwelcome. Removalists hired through a reputed removalists in Sunshine Coast have experience, a checklist and training to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

3. Provide Refreshment To The Professionals

Maintain basic courtesy and make the removalists feel welcome by offering snacks and drinks when the removalists arrive on the moving day. This step is crucial to build a rapport with the professionals and ensure they can do their work with full energy. Offering refreshments is important, especially when you are moving during the summers or peak season when the removalists can get dehydrated or strained easily.

4. Be Ready To Move Immediately Upon Arrival Of Removalists

Before your hired movers arrive to pack and move your things, make sure your essential bag is packed plus, your property contents are wrapped and boxed. Tell everyone involved in the moving process about the arrival time of the removalists to ensure they are mentally prepared to move. Additionally, complete all your before moving tasks to ensure you are ready to vacate the property when the removalists come.

5. Don’t Add To The Moving Load At The Last Moment

Avoid shopping for new things a few days before the removalists arrive for moving your things. Most reputed removalists conduct a pre-move survey during which they create an inventory and provide an estimated cost of packing and moving accordingly. When you add new things without informing the professionals, it can catch them off-guard and delay the entire process. Additionally, buying new things before a move is never a good idea because you cannot be sure the items will fit in the new home or you can pay for the increased moving costs.

6. Keep Children/Pets Out Of Harm’s Way

When the removalists are handling and moving your things, kids and pets can get in their way without proper supervision. Their interference can delay the entire process and cause toppling of furniture, appliances or boxes, leading to injuries of the professionals and your loved ones. Therefore, make sure the pets and children are in a comfortable and safe room when the removalists are doing their work. Alternatively, you can send your children and pets into the care of a trusted person for a few days to keep them out of harm’s way and ensure the house move goes smoothly.

7. Label Everything Correctly

While packing your things, make sure to label boxes properly. It will help the removalists identify the contents and handle them accordingly. For example, label glassware, crockery, antiques, and other delicate items as ‘fragile’ to ensure the professionals handle them correctly, load them last on the moving truck and unload them first.

8. Help The Removalists Navigate Through Your Home

Remain available for your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast when they arrive at your property to help navigate through your home. Keep the pathways, hallways, and entry points clear to ensure the professionals can move back and forth without any hassle or obstruction.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a challenging and strenuous process even for people who have moved before. Therefore, hire a professional removal service in Sunshine Coast to ease the burden and make your house move less stressful. When the removalists arrive on the moving day, follow the tips shared above while movers are moving your things.