How To Move A Pool Table In 5 Simple Steps
A custom made pool table

How To Move A Pool Table In 5 Simple Steps

Oct 05, 2018 Moving is the most complicated and exhausting life event. Most of the items we transport are either fragile or bulky- but the pool table is both. Those planning to take their favourite sports equipment to a new location may need extra assistance and certain precautions. Disassembling and reassembling of a pool table is not a simple DIY project. The removalists in Sunshine Coast have the specific expertise and workforce to dismantle all the parts of the table, transport and install it with the utmost care to maintain the original structure of the table. Here are some tips from the experts to move a pool table:

Gather the Tools

You are going to need a lot of tools if you plan to tear down the table all by yourself and thus it should be included in your moving checklist. The list includes a flat head screwdriver, staple puller, safety goggles, socket wrench, and a power drill. Sounds exhausting? This is where removalists do a lot more than merely offer the workforce to move your pool table. Consider hiring the best removalists in Sunshine Coast who can help you throughout the process.

Taking it Apart

The last thing you want to do is rummaging through bits and parts of the pool table through every box and crate in your new house in Sunshine Coast. Label and store everything categorically in one place for easy reassembling. Disassembling the table down into smaller, more manageable parts will allow the movers to cart the table off in pieces with more ease. This step is crucial as a pool table is quite heavy, and the average weight is between 500-1000 pounds. Start with removing the staples, screws or bolts to unfasten the side pockets. You will need a screwdriver at this point to remove the side pockets. Please make use of socket wrench to unscrew the bolts from the underside of the rails and slide them out. If the tracks are connected, there can be a need of some extra hands. Flip the rails together before disconnecting and wrap them securely.

Detach the Felt and Slate

First thing first, the felt will be either glued or stapled. If the glue is used, make sure to pull the felt backwards with extreme precaution gently. It is easier than it sounds, but it requires steady hands and lots of patience. A small tear in the felt will make it unusable and force you to re-cloth the slate with the new lining. Removing the staples one by one takes time and can be a hectic job to do. That’s why you should enlist a removal company with experience in moving a pool table. Be careful when folding and wrapping the removed felt lining to avoid wrinkles. Now comes the most substantial and hardest part of disassembling the pool table- removing the slate. The table consists of one, two, or even three slates joined together with beeswax and screwed into the table’s frame. Scrape the wax off before removing all the slate screws using a power drill to prevent damage. You are going to need some extra help to take the slate off. Each slate could weigh a few hundred pounds apiece. Any damage to the slate can severely affect how the pool table is going to functions when reassembled. Wrap the slate with materials that can absorb the jolts during transit and prevent any dent. Along with the felt lining, the slate is also one of the most vital pieces. After removing the pockets, rails, felt and slate; unscrew the bolts attaching the legs to the frame.

Protecting the Merchandise

To prevent harm during the transit, be sure to protect each piece of the pool table by wrapping them appropriately with packing materials like moving blankets or bubble wrap and then securing with packing tape. Any chips, scratches, dents and marks can cause the table to come unbalanced and ruin future games. Don’t forget to check your cue sticks, balls and rack!

Load, Unload and Reassemble

For this part of the moving process, you are going to need some reliable and experienced workforce from the removal company if you wish to save some time of the move. Carefully load the parts of the pool table in the truck with some help. You can take the support of a professional team of removalists in Sunshine Coast to execute the entire job. When you reach your destination, start by unloading the frame first. Make sure to work your way backward through steps to reassemble the pool table. Don’t forget your balls, cue sticks and rack!


Moving a pool table is like transporting antique or valuable objects. It requires patience, skills and knowledge. Consider using an expert mover to assist and take care of the entire transit process. Hiring the services of an experienced removalist like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast will help you to save time and have a stress free relocation experience.