Most Common Interstate Moving Challenges – How To Avoid Them

Most Common Interstate Moving Challenges – How To Avoid Them

Jun 12, 2023 Are you preparing to relocate across state lines? Interstate moves are always challenging, expensive and stressful. While you are excited about new opportunities in a new state, there is always a sense of fear due to uncertainty in the long-distance journey. You may lose your precious possessions due to extreme weather conditions when you cross the boundary, or you may get trapped in a moving company’s scam, etc. So, it is good to anticipate and prepare for potential challenges. Whether you are moving to Sunshine Coast in Queensland or any other city, look at the most common interstate moving challenges and the right ways to avoid them! Let’s Get Started!

1. Lack of Planning & Preparation

The problem will occur when you don’t know the proper plan for your long-distance move. This can create chaos, and you may end up with a serious injury or lose your precious possessions. How to Avoid Them: Once you have decided to relocate, create a proper plan as quickly as possible. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, set simple and achievable ones. Here are some important things to do when preparing for your move.
  • Discuss your relocation with kids and other family members
  • Inform your close friends and relatives
  • Connect with your physician and transfer medical records to the new city
  • Contact your bank and insurance providers and notify them about your home relocation.
Here is a complete guide on planning a stress-free long distance move.

2. Interstate Removalists Scams

Millions of people move to Australia each year. According to the research, many people fall prey to moving scams. If you don’t want to put your possessions at risk or pay additional fees in the middle of the process, watch out for the following red flags:
  • Extremely low prices can lure customers. So, do proper research if a company offers you extremely cheap rates
  • Do not hire a company with if they accept Cash-only payments.
  • Large upfront deposit
  • No official website or physical address
  • No upfront pricing or quotation.
You can ask your friends and relatives who recently hired reliable Sunshine Coast removalists. You can ask relevant questions and even compare quotes before making the final decision.

3. Spending too Much on Unnecessary Things

There is no denying that interstate removals are extremely expensive. The worst is that most people don’t create a rough budget and spend all their money on unnecessary things. This can increase your moving expenses and take a toll on your pocket. The Solution: You should always create a proper moving budget to track your expenses throughout the journey. This way, you can arrange necessary packing supplies, moving tools, and other important things within your estimated budget. You can also compare three different quotes and pick up the most suitable one as per your estimated budget. Also, calculate the cost of affordable removals in Sunshine Coast so that you can choose the right option.

4. Packing Unwanted Items & Increasing the Moving Load

This is a serious problem because packing even the unwanted stuff can increase your load and overall moving costs. You need to understand that interstate move is a complex process, and there is no need to take everything along with you. How to Fix it To avoid this situation, de-clutter your home as quickly as possible. Sort your household items and get rid of broken, empty and other stuff you no longer need. You can sell the pre-loved unwanted household items in a garage sale or donate them to a local charity. This way, you will pack only the necessary stuff, saving you time, money and energy.

5. Packing at the Last Moment

This is also one of the common challenges people face these days. Due to busy schedules, they procrastinate the packing process until they reach the final moving week. This delay can lead to moving-day chaos. It doesn’t matter how far or near you are relocating, packing household items on time is crucial for the success of your move. If you don’t have enough time to disassemble your large furniture or pack precious possessions, you will feel stressed a few days before your final move. This can lead to serious injury, damage and accident. The Solution It is good to start the packing process at least 4 weeks prior to your moving day. You can even start after de-cluttering your home (5-6 weeks before). Start with your non-essential things, such as seasonal clothes, boots, books, etc. You can also hire professionals to pack your household items and so that you can experience stress-free removals process.

6. Forgetting to Disconnect or Transfer Utilities

This is a common blunder that can create obstacles when you reach a new house. Since there are plenty of things to manage throughout the journey, people forget to contact the utility service providers. The Solution If you don’t want to spend your first few days or weeks without electricity, internet and water supply, you should inform your utility companies about your relocation. Let them know when you want to discontinue these services. You can even transfer them to your new address. Make sure they will be able to provide you with the same service at the new location. If not, arrange everything in advance so you can easily unpack your stuff after moving into your new abode. You can also hire the best removalists Sunshine Coast for the utmost safety of your possessions so that you can focus on other important things like transferring utilities, updating the address, etc.

Wrapping Up

Moving from one state to another can be daunting and mentally straining, especially when a lot of challenges are involved in the process. However, you can simplify and streamline the journey with proper planning and preparation. It is good to set a realistic budget and properly pack your items on time to avoid damage or any injury when moving across the state.