List Of Items You Should Toss Before Your Home Move

List Of Items You Should Toss Before Your Home Move

Mar 16, 2022 A house move is one of the best opportunities to purge your home and get rid of things that serve no purpose. You can declutter before moving to effectively and efficiently separate things you really need at the new home from things you can do without. Additionally, it is a recommended activity because the service charges of removalists in Sunshine Coast are based on the weight of property to pack and move. Therefore, you must reduce the packing and moving load for your removal experts to manage the relocation without stress or hassle. Listed below are items you should toss before your home move. Have a look.

Books & Reading Materials

Stack all novels, school course books, magazines, instruction manuals, papers, and other reading materials in your home in one place. Segregate them into different categories ensuring to keep the unwanted ones separately to box for donating, discarding or reselling. Books and heavy reading materials are easy to pack, but they add to the moving load significantly, which is why you must remove the ones that you or other household members don’t use.

Cleaners & Sanitisers

Most commercial cleaners and sanitisers contain harmful chemicals and toxins that you should avoid shaking or jostling too much. Therefore, it is a bad idea to pack these items because they can leak or burst during handling or transit and professional removalists in Sunshine Coast also advise against moving them. Adding them to your moving load is not practical, as you can stock on cleaning supplies anywhere because most of them are readily available.

Old Or Worn Clothes & Footwear

Most people hoard clothes and footwear for sentimental reasons and also because discarding them is hard. A house move is the perfect time to say goodbye to apparel, shoes, spillers, dresses and other things you haven’t worn for years. Additionally, you must discard dingy and worn-out things that you cannot wear indoors or outdoors. If you have clothes and footwear in good condition, keep them aside for donating to a local organisation registered with The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Unused Kitchen Gadgets, Appliances & Tools

The kitchen is among the most time-consuming rooms to pack because it has multiple individual items along with sets of pairs of kitchenware. Among these things, you also have unused kitchen gadgets, appliances and tools that gather dust, rust and grime in the cabinets. Instead of packing and taking these items to your new home to gather dust, chuck them to keep your new kitchen spacious and uncluttered.

Expired Items

Before packing, explore your house, especially the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms to put expired items into trash bags. Check the pantry, refrigerator, cabinetry & vanity for food, medicines, make-up, drinks and other perishable items for their validity & best before dates. If they are past the expiry, get rid of them responsibly.

Unwanted Home Decor Items

When you move to a new home, it may or may not have space or use for every home décor item you own. Therefore, take pictures and measurements of the property to know what furniture, artwork, lighting fixtures and other things can fit and look good in the new house. Get rid of anything that won’t serve a purpose either by donating or selling it via a garage sale. Removing big and bulky items is beneficial before a house move, as you can significantly reduce the moving load & budget when you hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast.

Holiday Decorations

Having Christmas, New Year’s and other festival decorations in your home is common. But, you should not hoard more than you need because they become clutter that takes up unnecessary space in your garage, basement or attic. Hence, while sorting through your belongings, only keep working lights and intact decorations in a good state to take to the new home. Dispose of decorative items with defects, damage or decolouration to make room for new ones in your home.

Knicks & Knacks

Your house can have several knicks and knacks, especially when you have pets and small children at home. Thus, sort through your belongings, ensuring to box old, broken or torn toys, stuffed animals, picture frames, key chains, and other small but unwanted things. Removing them from your home can even feel cathartic as many such things are sentimental clutter you have hoarded. While decluttering knicks and knacks, make sure to segregate the ones in good condition for giving away to a charity for kids and pets.

The Bottom Line

Your house can have several things you don’t use that you bought or gotten as gifts, besides things that are broken, old and unusable. A house move is the perfect time to identify and discard them to lighten the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast. If you don’t know where to start, use this guide to know items you should toss before moving.