Key Questions To Ask Moving Companies Before Hiring

Key Questions To Ask Moving Companies Before Hiring

Jun 09, 2022 Do you have to move homes soon and are wondering whether to hire a moving company? This is a good idea because moving service professionals on Sunshine Coast help you pack and move your belongings to your new home to have a stress-free move. But with a plethora of options, it becomes hard to find a moving company that will suit your needs. You can resolve this issue by asking removalist services on Sunshine Coast a variety of questions to help you understand their structure and policy of working. Accordingly, if it suits you, you can hire these experts to help you reduce stress of move and relocate to your new and exciting location. Here are some of the questions you should be asking these moving service professionals before you hire them:

1. Do You Have Licenses And Registrations?

When you hire a moving company to help you pack and move your stuff, you are entrusting them with your belongings, and thus you need to know that you can trust them. One of the best ways to figure this out is by asking them if they have all the necessary licenses and registrations. Ask the moving staff if they have all the registered licenses and are authorised to perform these moving tasks. Most professional moving companies will be ready to show you all their legal licenses and registered documents.

2. Is Your Staff Insured?

Besides licenses, it is also essential to ask removalist professionals on Sunshine Coast if they have insurance for their staff. If any of these professionals get injured while moving your belongings, the company will cover the cost. You will not have to shell out any extra money for any accidents or injuries and thus save on this cost.

3. What Services Do You Offer?

Moving service companies offer different services, and it is important to question them beforehand and check if they have the service you need. For instance, you might need a removalist expert to pack your belongings and move them. Therefore you should question the staff whether they have packing services, how they pack the items, what materials they use and how they label them. You should also ask the moving professionals on Sunshine Coast if they have experience in different moves like moving to a high-rise apartment or moving across cities. These are essential questions to ask beforehand to get the services you need.

4. Do You Hire Subcontractors?

It is also essential to ask your removalist service in Sunshine Coast if they have regular staff members or do they hire subcontractors. This is an essential question because:
  • Subcontractors might not have the skills and capacity building factors as the regular staff, and might not pack and move your belongings in the best manner or offer all the necessary services.
  • If a moving service has regular well-trained staff, they will know how to pack your belongings, including your fragile items, properly and make sure that they load and unload your belongings safely.
  • This will ensure that your belongings are in good hands and will securely reach your new home.

5. Will You Provide A Customised Quote?

If you need to start saving in advance for your moving costs, you will need an idea of the moving fees. Therefore you must ask your professional removalist service on Sunshine Coast if they provide a quote after inspecting your property beforehand. You can then negotiate the quote and then plan your packing budget accordingly when moving and thus be well prepared.

6. Do You Use Your Own Equipment?

It is also vital to ask removal experts if they have their equipment or will you have to provide it for them. It would be best if you asked these moving service professionals:
  • Firstly, ask these expert removalists if they have the equipment to pack your belongings like packing paper, tape and cardboard boxes.
  • You should also ask them if they have all the necessary moving equipment like trolleys to help you load and unload all your items safely.
  • If you find a moving service company with their own equipment, you will see their level of professionalism, and you will also save the extra cost of having to buy all this equipment yourself.

7. Do You Have Good References?

The last and one of the most critical questions you must ask moving service professionals on the Sunshine Coast is whether they can provide good references. It is always good to hire a company with good reviews from former clients to know you can trust them with your belongings. You can even go on their website and check their complaints, enquires and feedback and see what clients have said about them. This will also give you a good idea of how well experienced and professional they are.


Use the above questions to find the best removalists Sunshine Coast that is best suited for your moving needs so that you can relocate in a safe and stress-free manner.