Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Sunshine Coast Housing Market

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Sunshine Coast Housing Market

Aug 25, 2020 Since the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic occurred, many things have been severely impacted and among them are the housing markets of various cities of Australia. Renting and purchasing trends across the country have been affected due to people being directly or indirectly impacted by the spread of the disease and the restrictions imposed by the national and state governments. The property market of Sunshine Coast was among the strongest at the start of 2020 according to experts with people moving into new houses and apartments within the city and from other parts of the country. What is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunshine Coast Housing Market now? Here is your complete guide with insights about the effect of the outbreak and current statistic of the property market. In addition, find tips by expert removals in Sunshine Coast and the list of the best suburbs in the city to live in. Have a look! Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Housing Market of Sunshine Coast At the start of the year, 2020 Sunshine Coast held the position of the most robust market for housing in Queensland, and the good news is it still holds the rank even during the pandemic. Due to the strong economy of the city, its excellent infrastructural growth, and promise of a great lifestyle, people are more likely to shift to the Sunshine Coast instead of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and other popular housing markets of Queensland. According to experts, even during the pandemic tenants and potential home buyers are interested in getting a residential property for sale or rent here. While the outcome of people physically was down at open houses and auctions, it hasn’t deterred interested people from looking at real estate digitally. It is noted that the real estate agencies’ stringent actions for precautions, sanitation, and safety during pandemic help in property searches, buying/renting, and the moving process. Thus, for people considering either buying or renting a house in Sunshine Coast, the market has a host of options to offer and moving can be managed safely to reputed areas with good career opportunities, schools, retail centres, medical-care facilities, and other amenities.

Statistic Related to Sunshine Coast Housing Market

As per the quarterly market monitoring report of the Real Estate Industry of Queensland (REIQ), the city finished with its median house price increasing 24.5 % in the last five years even with the ongoing pandemic. Hence, the property appreciation value is still high meaning when you invest in real estate here; its chances of having a greater value in the coming years for resale or renting are good. Want to know more information related to the housing market of Sunshine Coast? Some important ones are mentioned as follows. • The median house price Sunshine Coast is expected to rise by 7% through 2020-2022, and the average house prices may reach $400,000 to $850,000. • Out of all the suburbs, Noosa recorded the highest increase in median house and unit prices which increased by 11.6% and 7.1 % respectively. Its median prices were at a record high of $737,500(houses) and $675,000(units) during the end quarter of 2019. • Renting a property in sunshine coats is a good option as well since you can get houses and units at affordable prices with its suburb Kenilworth have median house rent of $350 per week. What’s more, you can even find good and affordable 1BR units for the median rent of $418 per week in Sunshine Coast’s best suburb Noosa Heads.

Best Suburbs in Sunshine Coast

Besides Noosa Heads being a popular suburb for renting/buying houses and units, other suburbs which have seen investment by people from Queensland and other states of Australia are mentioned as follows. • Sunshine Beach • Minyama • Mooloolaba • Maroochydore • Pelican Waters • Coolum Even during COVID-19 outbreak, these suburbs have witnessed migration and movement when other major cities and their suburbs are hit by the blow of the pandemic. These suburbs are high demand markets which may make them less affordable. For cheaper options of buying/renting houses or units in Sunshine, consider the following suburbs along with Kenilworth. • Nambour • Burnside • Beerwah • Landsborough • Coes Creek • Baringa • Mapleton • Caloundra West Make sure to look at housing options in these suburbs via online portals to know what kind of properties are available here along with the amenities in the suburbs. Before visiting a property in any of these suburbs make sure to know about affordability, connectivity, neighbourhood, healthcare amenities, and cases of COVID-19 in the area.

Tips for Safely Moving During a Pandemic

Moving under normal circumstances is stressful, which is why when planning a move during a pandemic, it becomes even more hectic and challenging. However, by being proactive and following the tips by removals experts in Sunshine Coast mentioned below, you can manage your movement safely during a pandemic. • Purchase brand new packing supplies to eliminate the chances of using contaminated boxes, wraps and other packing supplies. Usually, it is better to arrange supplies that are in good condition and suitable for recycling. However, since COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease and its virus may survive on paper, plastic, and cardboard from 24-72 hours or above, it would be best to get new supplies. • Hire a reliable removals company in Sunshine Coast that has experienced and trained removalists to handle your move. During a pandemic, booking professionals is wise because they can manage contact-less moves and take precautions which non-specialists are unaware of. • Taking the assistance of a reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast during the COVID-19 pandemic will relieve you off the stress of getting new packing supplies, sanitised moving vehicles, the right equipment, and much more.• • Be prepared on the moving day by ensuring everything is packed for your removals experts in Sunshine Coast to load and transport. In addition, in every household member essential kit, there should be sanitisers and personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, and goggles. • Maintain personal hygiene while running errands for moving-related tasks, packing, and travelling by washing your hands regularly, maintaining acceptable distance, and sanitising every surface and object before touching. • If possible, plan your move during non-peak times to avoid traffic and minimise your risk of coming in contact with people. In addition, moving during non-peak times will help you book removalists via reputed removals companies as the availability of trained professionals will be better. • Wear personal protective equipment at all times while performing removals related activities like packing, loading/unloading of items, transporting etc. to minimise the risk of contracting the virus.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home during the pandemic is possible and safely manageable by being prepared. It is also ideal if the movement has to be done within Sunshine Coast or to the city from another place due to availability of good options. If you are considering moving here, this guide will provide you with information related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the housing market, statistics, the best suburbs to live in and more.