How To Wrap Dining Chairs For Moving

How To Wrap Dining Chairs For Moving

Dec 01, 2022 Dining chairs are among the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Whether you want to enjoy meals with your loved ones or host a lunch/dinner, having enough dining chairs is crucial to make everyone happy and comfortable. Therefore, you must ensure they are shifted without damage when moving house. While chairs are sturdier than another home furnishing, they still need care and attention while packing and moving. Hiring professional furniture removalists on the Sunshine Coast is a wise solution when you have a lot of costly furniture. However, if you have a manageable amount of dining chairs, wrap them yourself for moving using the expert tips shared below.

Understand the Anatomy of a Dining Chair

Before you start packing, knowing about the different parts of the furniture is vital to wrap it well. A standard dining chair will have the following components.
  • Back Splat: The support that helps keep your back straight and rested while sitting.
  • Chair splats: Vertical lines of wood, plastic or other material in the chair’s back’s middle.
  • Mid Rail: the horizontal rail at the bottom of the back splat.
  • Seat: Area for sitting usually cover with cushions and upholstery.
  • Legs: Four posts that keep the chair upright and seat.
  • Side Rail: the horizontal support of the seat on the sides.
  • Front & Back Rails: the horizontal supports of the seat at the front and back.
  • Armrests: Support for arms but not all dining chairs have them.

Clean Chairs for Packing

Dining chairs can accumulate moisture, dust, dirt and even mould growth without proper maintenance while in use. Therefore, before wrapping them for a move, ensure they are clean and dry. Wipe each chair with a microfiber cloth because it has ion-charged fibres that attract dust and an asterisk design that traps bacteria. Additionally, these cloths are extremely absorbent, meaning they can remove moisture from surfaces better than cotton rags. After wiping the chairs, vacuum the upholstery with a flat brush head. Also, use the crevice tool to remove debris from the creases.

Get The Right Packing Supplies

Pack dining chairs efficiently with moving blankets, stretchable plastic wraps, bubble/foam sheets, colour-coded labels and packing tape. Get quality packing supplies to ensure they don’t tear while your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast handle and move them. Take measurements of the chairs to get the accurate amount of packing supplies. For example, a 3/8-inch diameter bubble-sized wrap is suitable for securing a medium weighted item like a dining chair. Additionally, make sure the wrapping materials are anti-static, dust-resistant and moisture-repelling. It will help keep the chairs.

Wrap Dining Chairs like a pro

Once the furniture is clean and you have the packing supplies on hand, take any suitable approaches for packing.

Dismantle & Wrap Dining Chairs

If you have chairs with removable legs, back splats and other parts, then dismantle them before packing.
  • Next, wrap each component with bubble or foam wrap, securing it with packing tape.
  • Cover the parts with plastic wrap to prevent dust or damage during handling or transit. Make sure to mark the wrapped items with the same colour labels.
  • For example, labels parts on the same chair in the same colour and write 1, 2, and 3 to denote the parts.
  • Also, use abbreviations for parts to know what they are, like FL for front leg, BL for back leg etc.

Wrapping the Chairs Whole

Dining chairs rarely have removable parts because less user-friendly move. If you have these chairs, here’s how you can pack them like professional Removalists in Sunshine Coast.
  • Secure the legs, back and cushion of the chairs with foam wrap. Ensure the corners are completely covered.
  • Next, drape a moving blanket on the chair and keep it in place with elastic bands. Don’t leave any open edges.
  • Lastly, wrap blanketed chair with stretch wrap snugly to protect the furniture from dust, moisture, scuffing, scrapes, and other damage-causing factors.
  • To wrap the furniture effectively and efficiently, lay the blanket on the floor, then place the chair front first on the floor.
  • Wrap the blanket upwards, ensuring the blanket covers the back and you can keep it in place with the elastic band. You can also use packing tape to secure the moving blankets.

The Bottom Line

Moving furniture is one of the most challenging tasks for homeowners or renters. You can hire professional Sunshine Coast removalists to pack and move furniture and other belongings to reduce moving stress and anxiety. However, use this guide to wrap dining chairs securely and ensure they can reach your new home without damage. Since they are manageable furniture, you can save a ton of money by packing them yourself and move out of your home smoothly.