How To Settle Into Your New Home After A Move

How To Settle Into Your New Home After A Move

May 01, 2023 Have you finally finished moving homes on the Sunshine Coast and are ready to settle into your new place? Settling into your new home will involve a lot of new experiences and changes as you have to learn how to adjust to your new house and make it feel like your own place. You also have to sit and unpack the boxes that you or your removalists Sunshine Coast had neatly packed and labelled. But if you follow a proper routine and set aside time every day to slowly unpack, you will find that settling into your new home is much easier. Besides this, you will also have to make time to explore your new locality and make friends with your neighbours. To help you make this process of settling into your new home easier, you should follow the below tips:  Tips On Settling Into Your New Home

1. Ensure Your Belongings Have Arrived Safely

The first thing you must do when settling into your new home is to take out your inventory list and count all your moving boxes. This is important to ensure that no boxes have gone missing or there are no damages to any of your belongings. You can then file an insurance claim with the moving company immediately in case your belongings are stolen or damaged so that it is easier to recover the items or get compensation for them.

2. Load Your Moving Boxes In The Designated Rooms

Next, once you have checked that your boxes are in order, you can ask your professional removalists at Sunshine Coast to unload them in their designated rooms. If you carefully labelled and colour coded each box with the room’s name, it will be easy for your removalists to unload them in the correct rooms. Ensure you guide them on which room is the main bedroom, your kid’s room and the guest bedroom so they can unload the boxes accordingly. Tip: Here are some useful tips to help you unpack after your move.

3. Clean Your Home To Remove Dirt And Grime

Even though your new home might be clean and tidy, once you unload boxes and furniture, it will likely get dirty again. Thus, once your removalists Sunshine Coast have unloaded all your boxes, you should pick up your cleaning box with essential cleaning supplies like your vacuum, microfiber cloth, mop and vinegar spray. Start vacuuming and mopping your floors before you unpack your boxes so that you can clean your home more easily. You should also clean hard-to-reach areas before arranging furniture in your new home.

4. Ensure That Your Home Is Safe By Changing The Locks

Next, you must ensure your home is safe by getting a locksmith to change all the locks and install new ones. This is because the old tenants and their friends might still have keys to this new place. You should also change the security codes on your garage doors and attics so no one can access your home without your permission.

5. Change And Update Your New Mailing Address

If you still need to change your mailing address and inform credit card companies and bill services, you should do so now to prevent any unpaid bills and unread messages. You can even update these details online for some of these services, while you can also go to your local post office and fill out a change of address form. If you are moving to a new state or country, update your licence and get a new vehicle registration.

6. Ensure Utilities Are In Order In Your New Home

Generally, transferring and ensuring all your utilities are in order before you move homes is important. But if you did not get enough time to do this between your moving tasks, you should contact your utility services now and set up your water, gas and power lines. You can also ask your new neighbours about the best utility services and get to know your new locals in this manner. Tip: Here are tips on how to set up utilities in your new home.

7. Locate Your Circuit Breakers And Fire Alarms

Once you move in, you must also see where your fire alarm, circuit breakers and carbon monoxide recorders are in your new home. It is important you check that these devices have proper batteries in them and see if all the appliances and switches work properly. You can also call your local electrician to check all the powerpoints and grids and update any electrical points in your new home.

8. Give Yourself Time To Unpack Your New Home

Next comes the hard task of unpacking, but before you get overwhelmed, it is okay to take a day or two to relax initially. You can spend time with your family and friends, explore the neighbourhood, talk to the locals, and get acquainted with the new place. After a few days, you can slowly start unpacking your new home, starting with your bedroom and then moving to the kitchen and bathroom. You should also let your kids unpack and design their own rooms so they feel more responsible. Set a timeline to unpack all your boxes, and try to unpack a little every day so that you can finish in time. You can also hire full-service removalists on the Sunshine Coast who not only pack and move your boxes but also unpack them for you. Tip: Here are tips on what to do with packing boxes after your move.

9. Have A Small Gathering To Get To Know Your Neighbours

Lastly, organise a small gathering in your new home and invite your family, friends, and neighbours. This is a great chance to bond with the locals and to show your friends and family your new home. You can also get help cleaning and organising the place after the gathering and maintain good terms with your new neighbours.


Thus, if you follow the above tips, you can unpack your boxes easily, get to know your new neighbours, change your address and get your utilities in order. You can spend the next few weeks reorganising and decorating your new home according to your preferences.