How To Sell Your Home And Prepare For The Move At Same Time

How To Sell Your Home And Prepare For The Move At Same Time

Jun 19, 2023 Are you planning on selling your home on the Sunshine Coast soon? Selling your home involves a lot of patience and planning so that you can get the right price for your home and attract potential buyers. What makes selling your home even more tricky is the fact that you have to move out at the same time. While it can be overwhelming at first to handle both selling your home and moving out at the same time, if you carefully plan your move, list important selling tasks and get professional removalists Sunshine Coast to help you pack up your belongings, this can become easier and less stressful. While it is important to sell your home fast so you can move into your new home without any stress, you should also list your home properly, price it according to the market and find genuine and trustworthy buyers. Here are some effective tips to help you sell your home and prepare to move out at the same time:

Tips For Selling Your Home And Moving At The Same Time

1. Set A Correct Selling Price For Your Home

Before you list your home and start organising it, you must price it correctly. To do this, you must evaluate similar properties near your home and look at their carpet size, furnishings, facilities and prices. You should also look at the current rates in the real estate market and price your home closer to this range. Setting a realistic price that matches the current market prices will attract buyers and ensure you do not lose any precious money. Tip: You can also use these tips to prepare your home for a sale.

2. Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent For Help

Next, you can make this process easier and quicker by hiring professional real estate agents who are experts in this field. Your real estate agent can help you price your home correctly, stage your property, take attractive photos and videos, find suitable buyers, conduct showings and negotiations and advise you on what to start packing and what items to place in storage. Tip: Use these tips to move when the housing market is slow.

3. Declutter Your Space Once Your Home Gets Listed

Once you or your real estate agent price your property and officially list it on the market, you must start clearing the space. A cluttered home will look smaller and attract fewer buyers. Another advantage of decluttering your home is that it will help you sort your belongings and only pack and move the things you need. You can go through each room and sort your belongings into three piles:
  • Keep- Items that you will pack and take to your new home
  • Donate- Donate unused or old items to a charity in Queensland
  • Sell- Host a garage sale and sell items that are in a good condition

4. Start Packing Seasonal And Non-Essential Items

Packing up seasonal and non-essentials can make your home look more spacious and airy. This will help you start your process of moving out and will also help make your home look better and more appealing to buyers. Try to depersonalise and remove as many family artefacts, antiques, photos and personal decorative items from your home so that buyers can picture themselves in your home. You can temporarily keep these boxes in a storage container or put them in your garage or basement. Tip: If you are using a professional removalist on Sunshine Coast, you should give them a list of what items need to be packed so that they can start the process quickly.

5. Keep A Bag Of Essential Items Ready

While conducting showings or selling your property online, you can start packing a few essential items for the first few days in your new home. According to seasoned removalists on Sunshine Coast, your essentials bag should contain the following items:
  • Toiletries
  • Change of clothing
  • Important documents
  • Chargers
  • Utensils
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Medicines
  • Pet food
  • Keys

6. Repair And Install Fixtures To Increase Aesthetic Appeal

Next, while your expert removalists on Sunshine Coast start packing the rest of your belongings, you should take this time to inspect your home thoroughly. Start deep cleaning each corner to remove dirt and dust. You should also check for loose tiles, remove and replace discoloured grout from tiles, fix leaky pipes, repair loose door hinges and paint your walls and doors to add a fresh aesthetic appeal. You can also increase the curb appeal of your property and make a good first impression on your buyers by cleaning your driveways, removing weeds from your entrance and putting up new door signs and welcome boards.

7. Change Your Address And Transfer Utilities

Once you have found a potential buyer and signed the closing house deals, you should transfer your utilities and change your address. Inform all your loved ones about this address change and mail your credit card companies, office and banks. You should also clear out all your bills and start the power and water supply afresh so the new owner can be responsible for these utilities. Ensure you leave any instruction manuals for appliances in your old homes that you are not taking with you and hand over the keys. Tip: Here are tips on how to settle into your new home.


Once your new owner has moved in, you can load your moving truck and relocate safely and stress-free to your new home. It is a good idea to unpack slowly and enjoy the first few days in your new neighbourhood to give yourself and your family time to adjust to this move.