How To Safely Move House Plants To Your New Home

How To Safely Move House Plants To Your New Home

Oct 25, 2021 Many people have plants at home because they purify the indoor air and help keep in touch with nature. Therefore, it is unsurprisingly common for homeowners and tenants to want to take house plants when moving. However, plants are difficult to move to a new home, unlike books, clothes, furniture and other household items. They are often among things removals experts in Sunshine Coast don’t move or advise against moving because of their fragile nature. But for nature lovers who have invested time and energy nurturing their houseplants, parting with them is difficult. If you are among them, here are useful tips to safely move house plants to your new home. Have a look.

Create An Inventory

Make a detailed inventory of the plants you have and want to take to your new residence. Mention the location of the plants, type, measurements, care requirements and other important information in the inventory. Using the list and details, you can get the right packing supplies and ensure you can secure the items without damage.

Check The Plants’ Condition

Inspect the plants thoroughly before packing to ensure they are free of pests, disease and weeds. Moving infested and diseased plants is not worth the hassle, as they can impact the health of other plants. Therefore, only pack the ones in good condition that can withstand a long journey and won’t affect the health of other plants.

Pack Them Securely

Don’t make the mistake of crowding plants while packing them, as it causes irreversible damage. The leaves, branches can break or twist, whereas the pots can incur cracks or topple during loading/unloading. Thus, get Styrofoam holders, corrugated boxes, packing tape, cell dividers, and other packing supplies to prevent the tops from shifting. Place the plants upright in boxes and stuff the empty spaces with newspaper, ensuring the boxes or the pots don’t tilt. Additionally, wrap the pots in plastic wrap to avoid soil and moisture from spilling inside the boxes or soiling the moving truck accidently. A professional trick experienced removals experts in Sunshine Coast use is to spread the plastic wraps flat on the ground, place the pots over it. Next, stretch the wrap upward and around the pot, then secure with packing tape.

Keep The Boxes Open

Plants need room to breathe, especially when placed inside a moving truck which is why you need to keep the top of boxes open after placing the plants inside. If your hired removals experts in Sunshine Coast insist your close the openings, cut 1-2 inch holes in the tops to allow air inside the boxes.

Invest in Plant Moving Boxes

People with numerous plants should consider getting plant moving boxes that are readily available in different sizes. If you get special packing boxes, they will have openings to allow plants ventilation, and you don’t have to worry about the plants suffocating during transit. Furthermore, these boxes are designed to store the plants without containers and keep the soil, manure and roots in place. Plant moving boxes are often 5-ply and lined with plastic to make them suitable for securely keeping the organic matter.

Pack The Plants Last & Label Correctly

To ensure your houseplants don’t wilt or decay, pack them a day before your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast arrive to move your belongings. Packing them after everything else will ensure they are loaded on the moving truck last and unloaded first upon arrival at the new residence. This step reduces the chances of plants getting damaged during handling and transit because the time the plants are boxed and inside the moving truck is less. Besides packing the plants last, label them correctly to make it easier for the removal experts to identify the contents and handle them accordingly.

When To Not Move House Plants?

Sometimes moving house plants is not worth the challenge and stress, even if you are sentimentally attached to them. Here are situations when you shouldn’t move them. • You are moving at short notice • You can gift plants or leave them in care to someone you trust • You are moving interstate • Your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast don’t move house plants • You are moving the weather is too hot, rainy or cold, and the house plants cannot survive the journey safely.

The Bottom Line

For plant lovers, it is common to feel the need to move their beloved plants when relocating. However, it is not easy because plants are fragile and organic. They can wilt and get damaged during the packing, handling and transporting process. You can seek the assistance of professional removalists in Sunshine Coast willing to move house plants. Additionally, follow the tips shared above to take your plants safely to your new home.