How To Renovate A New Home Before Moving In

How To Renovate A New Home Before Moving In

Nov 27, 2023 Most homeowners in Queensland prefer renovating their new homes before moving in. Whether upgrading the kitchen area or installing stylish flooring, remember that home renovation projects are always complicated without proper planning. So, before moving into your new residential property, make sure you have a wall-to-wall plan to convert your vision and creative home improvement ideas into desirable actions. However, it is also good to de-clutter your current abode and pack all your household belongings using quality packing supplies. This will give you peace of mind that all your items are secure when you are busy with home renovation tasks. In this guide, we will share some great tips to help you upgrade the look and feel of your new home on the Sunshine Coast before moving in. Consider these hacks carefully and reflect your personality in the best possible manner. Let’s Get Started!

1. Remove Popcorn Ceilings and Walls

Are you moving into an older residential property on the Sunshine Coast? If yes, then you may come across popcorn-textured ceilings and walls. These wall styles were popular in the 1980s due to their beautiful look, and they can also easily hide imperfections. But now, it only looks odd and distorted compared to new-age wall and ceiling styles. The worst part is that popcorn ceilings usually contain asbestos, which can cause chronic lung disease and even cancer. So, it is good to hire qualified painters who can come and remove it without creating any mess.

2. Paint the Interior Walls

The fresh coat of paint can drastically change the aesthetic appeal of your new home. Plus, it is easier to paint walls when rooms are empty or without large furniture pieces. Here are some quick tips to help you choose the right colours for your new abode:
  • Apply light colours to make your small rooms look spacious.
  • Darker colours are perfect to create a more dramatic and cosy ambience.
  • Choose earthy colours, such as green and brown, to embrace nature.
  • Consider your furniture and ensure the wall colour compliments the interiors of your house.
Note: Make sure you hire a certified and fully insured company for budget removalists in Sunshine Coast, especially if you have large and expensive furniture items.

3. Install Storage Options

Are you moving into a smaller home and worried about your household items? It is good to add more shelving and organisation options to make the most out of your new space. Change your wooden clothing rods with shelving and shoe trees. You can also add extra shelving to your kitchen pantries and closets. If it is a studio apartment, install shelves up to the ceiling and make your house spacious and organised. However, it is always good to de-clutter your home before the final move. You can donate pre-loved household belongings to the local charity or organise a proper garage sale to get rid of items you no longer need but are in good condition.

4. Install Fencing For Safety

The safety of your toddlers and pets should be your topmost priority when moving into a new house. When making necessary improvements, make sure you install fencing to protect your family. It is the best way to conceal a pool, protect landscaping and boost the entire curb appeal of your abode.

5. Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets

This is one of the crucial tasks that should be completed before you move in. Install additional electrical outlets and upgrade the old ones to prevent short circuits. You can add electrical outlets in all rooms before arranging your computers, TV, speakers and gaming systems. Also, change your light fittings and fixtures using energy-saving LED bulbs. Tip: Do not forget to set up utilities, such as electricity, water, etc in advance of your big moving day.

6. Change Your Locks

This is one of the easiest things when renovating your new home. Keep privacy in mind and upgrade your locking system as quickly as possible. Hire a professional locksmith who can replace the exterior locks and install new ones.

7. Install New Floorings

There is no denying that flooring takes on a lot of wear and tear that can make it look dull, dirty and damaged. Also, keep an estimated budget in mind when re-flooring. You can choose tile, vinyl, hardwood or delicate floor coverings to enhance your new abode’s look.

8. Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom (If Required)

You may face a lot of problems if remodelling your bathroom or kitchen after relocation. So, it is best to complete the renovation tasks in advance to avoid inconvenience. Make sure you make the necessary changes, such as:
  • Replacing outlet covers
  • Updating kitchen counters or faucets
  • Changing an old door
  • Replace a toilet seat with a new one,
  • Add more storage options in a bathroom, etc
Don’t forget to childproof your new house by covering outlets, hiding sharp objects, securing cabinets, etc, to keep your kids safe and secure. If you want to prevent injuries when moving furniture, then book highly-trained removalists Sunshine Coast and focus on other important tasks, such as renovating a new house.

Wrapping Up

Moving a house comes with a lot of complications and expenses. If you want to renovate a new house, do it before when the property is empty. Follow the tips mentioned above in this guide and upgrade your new residence’s functionality and visual appearance before you move in.