How To Plan A Stress-Free Long-Distance Move?

How To Plan A Stress-Free Long-Distance Move?

Mar 13, 2023 Are you planning on moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland? Sunshine Coast is a natural paradise with gorgeous hinterlands, a 100 km coastline, hidden waterfalls, rainforests and sunny beaches. You can visit the Noosa National Park, hike Mount Coolum or surf at Mooloolaba Beach here. However, as fun as it is to relocate here, moving homes can be stressful and tiresome, especially if you are relocating from another state or country. To help ease the stress of your long-distance move, you need to plan your move, prepare your documents, change your address, and pack well in time. You can also take the help of removalists Sunshine Coast who are experienced in handling any move and will do all the major work for you. If you are keen on doing this on your own or need help with your long-distance move, here are some tips below: Tips For Planning A Long-Distance Move

1. Start By Preparing A List Of Moving Tasks

The first and most important thing in any house move, whether a short or long-distance relocation, is to create a checklist and timeline of your moving tasks. As soon as you get notice to relocate or find a new home, you need to start listing all your tasks, including changing your address, contacting utility companies, finding car registration and shipping services, and booking removalists. This will help you start early and complete your tasks one by one without getting overwhelmed.

2. Arrange Necessary Documents And Permits For The Move

Next, you must arrange your documents for the move so you have everything in one place. For instance, you must keep your birth certificate, identification cards, driver’s licence, rental agreement in a moving binder and make copies of the same. You can also upload this on a USB and take photos of all your documents as electronic proof.

3. Speak To Your Landlord And Pay Your Dues

When moving homes on Sunshine Coast, you must settle all your dues, like transferring your bond details and paying your rent on time. If you plan to end your lease early, you must arrange documents like a change of bond contributor forms, rental tenancy agreement form and notice of intention to leave. You might also have to pay:
  • Reasonable re-letting costs
  • Advertising costs
  • Compensation for non-payment of rent till a new tenant moves in
Your landlord must provide reduced rates for these payments, and you can always contact the Residential Tenancies Authority of Queensland in case of any issues.

4. Declutter And Organise Your Belongings

Next, you must go through each room and declutter your house properly into things you will need in your new home and things you won’t. You can then donate, sell or throw away the belongings you are not taking with you, which will reduce your packing and moving load and your moving costs as you will have fewer boxes.

5. Start Packing And Labelling Your Possessions In Advance

Once you have decided what items you are taking to your new home, professional removalists Sunshine Coast suggest making an inventory of these items so you can ensure everything reaches your new home. With this inventory list ready, you should start packing for your long-distance move using the following expert tips:
  • Buy cardboard boxes from local grocery stores and check if they are sturdy and in good shape.
  • Start placing all your seasonal and non-essential items in boxes or keep them in storage units.
  • Pack room by room and label each box with the name of the room and a list of the contents.
  • For instance, if you have three boxes with “kitchen” written on them, list items like knives, spoons and forks so that you know which box to unpack when necessary.
  • Label boxes with fragile items in big, bold letters so that you can take extra precautions while handling these.
Tip: You can use the following tips for packing liquids when moving.

6. Book Professional Removalists To Help You Out

If you find the packing overwhelming or cannot disassemble and load your items, you should hire professional removalists Sunshine Coast. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring these experts for interstate moves:
  • These interstate removalists are experts in damage free locations and have quality packaging materials like multi-ply corrugated boxes, high-grade packing tape, foam paper and Ziploc bags.
  • You will get quick and safe removals from Sunshine Coast and can also request them for an in-person estimate to calculate your quote based on the weight of items and the distance.
  • You can also save on costs by asking your removalists for backloading options, where you pay only for the space your items occupy on the moving truck.
  • Depending on your needs, you can hire a full-service mover to pack, disassemble furniture, transport and unpack everything. You can also only hire a self-service mover who will transport your items or a specialist mover who will pack and move items like a pool table, pianos and washing machines.

7. Pack A Bag Of Essentials For Your Move

When moving over a long distance, you must keep a bag of essentials for the first few days of your move. Pack a bag filled with extra clothing, toiletries, utensils, medication, important documents, chargers and power banks, kids’ toys, snacks and water. This will give you more time to explore your new community and home without worrying about unpacking everything at once.


Once you reach your new home, you can explore the cute cafes and nature trails and make new friends with your neighbours. If you are worried about unpacking, you can let your professional movers handle it, and they can also assemble all your new furniture for you so that everything is set up properly.